A Knight in training

The Knights
I’ve been a keen horse rider since the age of 7 so when I saw The Knights of Middle England performing one of their amazing jousting displays a few years ago, I vowed that I would take up jousting. Earlier this year I did just that and I am now a Knight in training!

Jousting tournaments are not what they used to be in the 12th century, Knights are no longer captured and ransomed for profit (phew!) and horses are no longer taken as booty. Luckily for me from the 14th Century jousting became more of a sport for Knights to test their skills against one another in the form of ‘Running the Rings’, ‘Pig Sticking’ (or tent pegging as its most commonly called these days!), the ‘Quintain’ and ‘The Joust’.

Knight session
I was so excited when I arrived at the Knights base in Warwickshire this summer as this was something I had been waiting to do for such a long time! Karl and squire Heidi put me at ease and in no time, they kitted me up and gave me my mount Springs. I was ready and off to learn the way of the Knight, spearing rings, targets and galloping with my lance at the ready to hit the Quintain, although wearing a Knights helmet felt like being locked inside a sardine tin but I soon took to it and that was just in my first session!

Knight session
I’ve now moved on from my trusty steed Springs to the Black Knights horse (just don’t tell him!) who is extremely keen and loves to joust!

I just need to find myself a squire now…any takers?!

The Knights of Middle England are truly an amazing and if you get chance to see them in action do it and if you too want to have a go at jousting then visit their website for more info www.knightsofmiddleengland.com or check out their Facebook page!

Mandy x

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