To tie or not to tie…

To tie or not to tie, that is the question? Our silk scarves are inspired by our equestrian heritage, and will add a touch of country glamour to any outfit. Here we present to you the Joules guide to scarf tying. From the simple Half Bow to the more complex Plait, for well practiced scarf tiers, there is a different way to tie your scarf for each day of the week! To shop our silk scarf collection click here

The Half Bow

The Plait

The School Tie

The Butterfly Bow

The Ascot

And here is how we are tying our silk scarves, both in and out of the office…
Add a touch of country glamour...Leanne has just returned from the Big Apple where she wore her Bloomfield silk scarf tied in a neat half bow –a great way to show off the floral print!

Womens Pickford Scarf (Floral) £34.95

Add a touch of country glamour...Today Alice is wearing the Clarence horse print silk scarf in an Ascot knot teamed with the Kingston shirt.

Womens Clarence Scarf (Green) £34.95 Womens Kingston Shirt (Creme) £44.95

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