If you love food – exchanging recipes, tasting one another’s attempts in the kitchen and creating weird and (hopefully) wonderful dishes of our own – you’re in the right place. With regular blogs from an awarding winning chef – slaving over a hot stove just got a little bit more exciting…

A flippin good pancake ….continued

"Joules in batter"

A pancake with a difference, I attempted to recreate the Joules logo as a pancake!  Ok so a little bit on the geeky side of life but for a first attempt, not bad. I’ll try to perfect it for next year.

Did anyone else make shaped pancakes?   If so, please send us a picture.

Which 5 people would you invite to dinner?

I’m hoping that my wife won’t read this – ah, she probably will – right I’ve got an idea, if I get over five comments informing me with who you’d love to invite to dinner, alive or dead, then and only then, will I reveal why I hope my wife won’t read this and also why she if she does, she’ll probably kill me. Get typing and let me know…