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A Model Horse

Guinevere 2

It’s Re-home a Horse Month so we just had to share this great story.

You may have spotted Guinevere, a beautiful sports horse who starred in our summer shoot and is one of many re-homing success stories. Guinevere is now in a loving new home after being rescued along with 6 other horses by Redwings Horse Sanctuary in 2008.

At the Sanctuary, Guinevere was restored to her former beautiful self and found a loving home with a new owner, Amy Pointen, through their Guardianship Scheme – where she has now lived for five years.

“I was really proud of her! We had a wonderful day at Holkham and the photos are just so beautiful,” Amy

Guinevere proved to be a true professional and our photography manager Tom couldn’t have been more pleased……

As Photography Manager at Joules it is my job to source a wide range of locations, props and models for all sorts of themes for the Joules photo-shoots, none of which are ³run of the mill¹ themes!  The idea for this shoot was, on the face of it, very simple, a family on a beautiful open beach with blue skies and a gorgeous, grey horse. After a lengthy search we found Guinevere, settled on Holkham beach and prayed for sunshine. This shoot came together fantastically well, the sun shone and Gunevere behaved impeccably. We could not have hoped for better. Amy is a wonderful owner, Guinevere is obviously a very happy horse and rose to the occasion perfectly. We are thrilled with the results and are so pleased Redwings made the necessary interventions to save Guinevere. Tom – Photography Manager at Joules

Read more about Guinevere’s story on the Redwings website

Guide to Badminton Horse Trials


Here at Joules HQ we’re super excited that the 7th May sees the start of Badminton Horse Trials, one of the most prestigious 3 day events in the equestrian calendar. Badminton Horse Trials attracts some of the world’s top riders who go through perfect dressage tests, a grueling cross country course and finally the nail biting show jumping.

Whether you’re a Badminton veteran or a newbie, here’s our guide on everything you need to see, take and do while you’re there.


What day to attend

Wednesday – The first day of the event, the top riders will be presenting their horses for inspection and there are lots of grass roots events taking place also.

Thursday & Friday – These are dressage days and great for taking in the atmosphere when it’s slightly quieter, which means lots of time to shop!

Saturday – Cross Country Day, definitely the busiest day of the event with thousands going through the gates so be sure to leave early. An unmissable day for thrill seekers. Walk round the whole course which has a new designer for the first time in 25 years so expect new twists and turns, see the course guide here. http://www.badminton-horse.co.uk/index.php/2014-cross-country-course-unveiled/

Sunday – Today is the final element of the event, the show jumping, riders jump in reverse order with the highest placed going last. It makes for some exciting viewing!

Obviously you might be lucky enough to be able to attend all days in which case you won’t need to choose!

Things to do

Obviously your first stop (after parking) should be to visit our team on the Joules stand, our biggest show stand ever! You will find us at Stand No 17, you won’t be able to miss us. As sponsors of the Official Badminton Collection we also have a stand with the whole collection on at No 104. For more information on the shopping village click here

What to wear

What to wear to Badminton can be a bit tricky, being early in the year it can go from blazing sunshine to a rainy sludgy mess very quickly. A pair of Joules Wellies is a must, layers are key and a jacket to pop on if it’s a bit chillier, our striped Showerproof Jacket is perfect to cover up or pack up in your bag if the weather is nice.

Official Badminton Collection by Joules

You can also get the Official Badminton Collection online before you go!

Shop Now 

What to take

Picnic by Joules

Although there are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat at Badminton you can’t beat a good picnic, definitely the most cost effective way to feed the whole family. Our Picnic Collection includes all the essentials you will need to carry the perfect picnic. We have also pinned lots of great recipe ideas onto our ‘Cook It’ Board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Anything else…

Don’t forget to pack the family dog (and his lead and water bowl) for this event, if you don’t have one be sure to borrow one for the day.

If you plan on staying locally there are plenty of recommended places to stay on The Badminton website. Remember to visit our biggest store in the land in Bath and even discover some secrets about Bath here.


For all other information on the fantastic event visit the Badminton Website