Whether you have acres of space or a window garden – you’re in the right place to pick up invaluable advice from some experienced gardeners and share your success (and failures) in the garden with everyone in the Joules community.

A blank canvas

The team at Joules are thrilled that Laetitia (our resident gardening expert)is finally getting a garden! She is currently moving house and with this new venture comes a brand new space to fill. We know that she has lots of plans for the space but where to start? After such a long time making the most of indoor and balcony blooms, the new garden will be her oyster (so to speak!).

So we are calling on the avid Joules gardeners out there, have you started from scratch? do you have any tips to share with Laetitia and the team? If so, please blog away with any advice and know how. Green fingers crossed, her move will go smoothly and soon we can share in the delights that Spring will bring to Laetitia’s garden.