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Happy Birthday to Joules

Tom Joule & Jimmy Happy Birthday Joules

Happy Birthday Joules


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Christmas Traditions

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From Christmas getaways to seasonal shenanigans, discover the weird and wonderful Christmas traditions from the Joules team:


“We always put the Christmas Tree up on my eldest sister’s birthday, 15 December” Tom Joule


“Some time ago, my grandfather (affectionately known as Papa) decided the whole family should get together on the last Sunday before Christmas. So 15 of us gathered in a lovely country pub for an afternoon of merriment. Little did we know that 20 years on we would still be meeting. Unfortunately Papa is no longer with us but the tradition lives on with an additional 17 members of the family!” Dominie ‘Brand Guru’ Cripps


“In addition to the usual glass of brandy and a biscuit, this year my 5 old has said that she will be providing Father Christmas with a comb and a hair slide. When asked why she replied….do you have any idea how windy it is out there daddy at night?” Andrew ‘Design Phenomenon’ Tanner


“My Christmas eve tradition with my son………..From a young age he was always difficult to get to bed as too excited on Christmas eve!  I always bought a new DVD, usually the latest Christmas/Santa Kids film, so we cuddled up on the sofa together in a blanket early Christmas eve having left mince pies & sherry for Santa to watch the DVD at which point he was happy & relaxed enough to go to bed & sleep!  Although he is now 17 our Christmas eve tradition still continues, without the treats for Santa, replaced by a beer/wine & chocolates for us and  now it’s the latest action movie or new release….for example this year we will be watching the Inbetweeners!  He never knows what it is until Christmas eve when its presented wrapped in Christmas paper.  I’m now wondering when I will start to compete with girlfriends & friends for his time on Christmas eve or whether we’ll still be following tradition for years to come & doing the same with his children”. Andrea ‘Homewares Extraordinaire’ Yorston


“My family and I always have our Christmas meal on Christmas Eve in the evening. We like to say it is because we have German heritage (where this is the tradition) but really it’s so no-one has to do the cooking/washing up on Christmas Day! We eat all the left overs (and chocolate) on Christmas Day”. Anna ‘I Love This T-Shirt’ Lucas


“The night the tree goes up I make mulled wine and we watch ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ closely followed by ‘Elf’ and Christmas has begun…” Sarah ‘Where’s My Quill’ Scott


“I always buy a Christmas presents for my pets…including the fish.” Samantha ‘How Many Likes’ Hearn


“Every Christmas my grandparents rent a big house in the middle of nowhere, where we (mums, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles etc…) will all escape to and enjoy the festive period for a week”. Carl ‘Word Boy’ Wiezak


“I still always make a small stocking for my girls 24 and 26!- it consists of a present for each of the senses- something to: Listen to- cd/ iTunes voucher! Look at – book or magazine. Smell- perfume or candle.Taste – chocolate coins. Feel – hand cream or accessory”. Martine ‘International Jet-Setter’ Joule


“We always have a Christmas rice porridge with a lucky almond for one!” Karolina ‘Creative’ Koch


What’s your Christmas Tradition?