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Liz’s Chicken Diary…

Entry 1

When I went to collect my hens from the Little Hen Rescue Centre – I thought I may have taken a wrong turn and somehow ended up in the aisle of a supermarket. The hens I went to collect looked oven ready.

Completely featherless, only one of the four hens could walk and their combs were very pale and hanging down over their eyes. After a few days though, the other three began to walk and soon they were all stretching their wings – something at first I don’t think they could believe they had the space to do. After a while they had regained all confidence and were digging up the garden and pecking everything they could get their beaks on.

Oh, their names by the way are Bernice, Shelia, Babs and Monica.

Bernice and Sheila eating
The Chickens New Pad
Bernice and Sheila