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The adventures of a new sewing machine


With my first project proudly behind me I decided to embark on something more challenging and signed up to a 10 week Dress Making course at my local college. I approached the first week with nervous anticipation and a shiny new tape measure and sewing kit. We spent our first Wednesday evening learning about how to take the numerous measurements that may be needed and deciding whether we felt brave enough to start from scratch and create our pattern.

I went for the less challenging option and spent a Saturday afternoon flicking through the pattern books trying to pick a favourite. After spending far too long in a state of indecision I picked a Cynthia Rowley pattern by Simplicity (, which at the time looked quite straight forward. I also picked up some fabric, I went for a pink, summery fabric with a leaf pattern (apparently a highly patterned fabric will help hid any mistakes).

With just about everything I needed, I was ready to start and looking forward to week two.

A Flipping good Pancake Day

To celebrate this year’s pancake day all our stores had a pancake flipping competition and not just any ordinary competition. People who could flip a pancake 20 times (10 for Little Joule People) got a £5 voucher off their next purchase. See this great photo from our Chichester store showing our give away of the classic topping; lemon and sugar! 

What’s you favourite topping??