Creepy Carvings at Jimmy’s Farm

Earlier this week we visited Jimmy’s Farm to meet Farm Manager AND The World’s Fastest Pumpkin Carver Dave Finkle! Back in 2010, on the Countryfile Autumn Special, Dave carved his way into the Guinness World Record Book by carving a pumpkin at the lightening speed of 20.1 seconds!

We were so impressed that we just had to go and see Dave carve a creation for ourselves, watch our spooky video here…

Dave’s top tips for the perfect pumpkin…

1)      For the best results cut out the bottom of the pumpkin and remove the insides. There is no need to create a lid and it means that the tea light can sit directly on the table.

2)      Draw your pattern on paper, shading in the areas you are going to cut away. When your design is ready use drawing pins to attach the design to the front of the pumpkin.

3)      Now cut through the pattern into the skin of the pumpkin. By doing this when you remove the pattern you will be left with the lines ready for carving.

4)      Time to carve. With your carving tool, very carefully begin to remove the pumpkin flesh by following the lines. Take your time and little ones remember to get an adult to help you.

5)      Now all you need to do is light the tea light, place your carved pumpkin on top and turn out the lights!

Visit Dave’s website for lots of carving patterns to try at home! Share your Halloween pumpkin photos on the Joules Facebook page – we would love to see them!

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