Fun in the snow at Nuzzlets

We are as busy as ever at Nuzzlets Farm, giving loving homes to unwanted animals and specialising in visits for disabled and special needs children and children with life limiting illnesses. Gordon, the little white goat, has recently come to live with us, he thinks he’s a sheep and spends all his time eating and sleeping with Jim, one of our old rams. Alvin, our largest goat, is always hungry, he’s young and still growing.

All the animals need extra TLC in this weather, we more than double the food rations and bedding in the colder months. We are looking forward to Spring, pet lambs an chicks will be here in the next few months.

Until next time, Mary x

This season a contribution from the sale of the Little Joule Jnr Maggie top in Sky Blue will be donated to help Mary and her volunteers continue the great work they do!

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