Home At Last By Emily King

I’m home at last! I’ve finally returned home for good, after a busy month dressage training with Kyra Kyrklund in Sussex. It was seriously hard work (we started work at 5am and finished at 7pm) but was great fun, and they completely transformed my riding. I had Charlie and Moira up with me for the first three weeks, so I could have lessons on them, then we did a swap and Zippy and Indie came up for the last week so I could also receive training on them. They all benefited amazingly from the time spent there, especially Zippy; his flying changes and half passes are coming on really well, it is very exciting!

I also have one new young horse – Peter, who has recently been bought from Holland by Gill Jonas… he is a 5 year old, 16.2hh, chestnut, gelding, who will start eventing this year.

We took the 5 young ones showjumping at The Hand yesterday, which was especially good fun, as I’ve been doing so much dressage recently! They all jumped and behaved very well, especially Peter as it was his first ever show and he was as cool as a cucumber.

February is jam packed full of training, showjumping and dressage competitions, clinics and sponsor events so there is a lot to look forward to!

Emily x

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