Jolly Joules

Jolly Joules
We were very excited to hear of two new arrivals last week at Sacrewell Farm in Peterborough, two adorable donkeys, Jolly Joules and her brother Dicky Mint. Jolly Joules is a gorgeous dark, chocolatey brown colour and Dicky Mint a light, coffee latte colour. Both have white muzzles, big ears and beautiful large eyes.

Jolly Joules and her brother Dicky Mint

To find out more about visiting Jolly Joules and Dicky Mint at their new home you can visit their website at


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I work in the Brand team at Joules HQ! I will be keeping you updated with where I have been, be it Pony Camp, a Three Day Event or behind the scenes at a Joules photoshoot...

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