Less meat more veg

Less meat more veg
Thank you to everyone who entered our prize giveaway on Friday, we really enjoyed reading your entries.

Our favourites were:

Samantha Secker, “I would really love to win this book because when our garden veg begins to flourish I often struggle to use it all up before it goes past its best. I too rely on too much meat to fill up the dinner plate instead of finding inventive ways to add more veg in a tasty and exciting way. Having this book would hopefully inspire me and sort out my ways! x”

Clare Hardy, “I’m a vegetarian but I buy meat for the family. However it’s very important to me that the meat I buy is British and humanely reared, so naturally it comes at a premium. By eating less and more veg, I can buy quality ingredients and keep within budget.”

Alison Beaumont, “We run a butchers and breed our own cattle. We agree people buy too much meat and waste it unnecessarily and that quality is far better than quantity. Lets go back to old fashioned tradition. Have that Sunday roast like Grandma used to make and then cold cuts Monday and Tuesday with lots of yummy vegetables to accompany the meal. Garnish with a doorstop of bread on the side! Hearty, healthy and thrifty. Teach your children the value of food and the value of sharing it as a family. As a Mum I try my best to pass down the memories they will take into a healthy adult hood. Let’s all try.”

Congratulations to Samantha, Clare and Alison. Your copy of  ‘Less meat more veg’ by Rachel de Thample is on the way to you.

Do keep checking back for more great giveaways coming soon…

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