Lynda and Nanae’s day at Daylesford

Lynda Warren was the lucky winner after entering our competition to win a trip to Daylesford Organic and a KitchenAid mixer. Last week Lynda and her daughter Nanae travelled to Gloucestershire for the Farmhouse Tea course…

Assistant Chef James Hearfield, Joy Edwards, Sue Lloyd, competition winners Nanae Hart and Lynda Warren, Cookery School Chef Mike Barnard

Cookery School Chef Mike Barnard, competition winners Lynda Warren and Nanae Hart

Last week saw the Farmhouse Tea course being joined by our two winners from the Joules completion we ran last year.  Mother and daughter, Lynda Warren and Nanae Hart joined us for an action packed day of baking in the cookery school – creating some delicious sweet treats to taste and take home with them.

The day began at 9.30 with an introduction to the course and what the students would learn and then the baking began in earnest.  During the day the class made Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce, Fruit cake, Scones, Macaroons, Chessboard Biscuits, Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake and Madeline’s. A fantastic day was had by all – and students left with boxes full of treats to share with loved ones at home…

“This was a superb day – a great gift idea.  Mike and James were fantastic and gave us great tips on our cooking”  Lynda Warren
“Very Friendly and helpful chefs – the éclairs were amazing!” Nanae Hart

If you would like to join Daylesford for a Farmhouse Tea course, or just to explore their Cookery School, visit their website or call Hannah on 01608 731 620!


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