Bee Inspired…

Bee Sketch by Joules

Here at Joules we design over four hundred prints each season – but because we only want the best of the best – only the fifty most fantastic prints will end up on our clothing.


Our beautiful and creative prints are developed from an initial mood to final artwork by our hardworking in house print team. Our team are constantly hopping off to places all over the world to seek out inspiration. This season New York and the Chelsea Flower Show were visited with sketchbooks and cameras close to hand.


The team are so passionate and creative that an idea can pop up in the funniest of places. Joanna was recently inspired to design our beautiful bee print while visiting Tom Joule’s bathroom!

Bee print Tunic


The Etty Tunic featuring our beautiful Bee Print

Let’s eat Alfresco

Why is it that food tastes better when it’s eaten outdoors?

We don’t know why, but we do know that when the weather’s warm nothing beats decamping to the garden. Here we have pulled together our favourite alfresco recipes from some of our friends, so seize the moment and take your next meal outside.

Jamie Oliver raspberry Fizz

This raspberry and ginger fizz recipe from Jamie Oliver is the prefect drink to accompany your alfresco meal. just remember to keep away from the kids unless you make a ‘virgin’ version.


Sausage rolls BBC

No picnic would be complete without a sausage roll – here’s an easy recipe from the BBC to make your own.


Smoked salmon picnic loaf 'channel 4'

The perfect loaf to add to your picnic – a smoked salmon cream cheese and cucumber loaf


Panzella 'View From the Table'If you have some bread that is in need of reviving then this Panzanella dish from The View from the Table is just perfect to add to your menu.


Rainbow jam tarts

Finally these jam tarts from Jamie Oliver simply look way too yummy to leave out of your next alresco party.


For more of our favourite recipes be sure to visit our ‘COOK IT’ board over on Pinterest.