Snow, Snow, Snow

Snow stopped the horses first week of what should have been road work (instead they got dizzy on the horse walker)! Frozen taps made it hard work too – it reminded me how much water a horse drinks during a day. Flu boosters were also due and a visit from my equine dentist Keith Evans, removed all of the sharps edges on the horses teeth so that no discomfort is felt during the year.

After four weeks of gradually building up their work, the horses were ready to do more. The first training for the Elite Squad was held at Addington on Feb 3rd and 4th. I took Archie, Urco, Caffery and Tess.  It was great to see everyone again and we were lucky enough to have dressage training with Christoff Hess from Germany and jumping lessons with Peter Murphy and Kenneth Clawson.

This year we have the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky to aim for to aim for so there are exciting times ahead…

Learn to Cook

A few years ago, on a farm in Smeeton Westerby Jill and John Vickers set up the Bridge Sixty-Seven Cookery School. The success of the school soon meant an extra pair of hands were needed – I was pleased to be able to offer mine.

The school caters for the most competent of chefs, to people who don’t know a potato from a tomato.

From Italian, to Indian and Thai to Fish and Seafood – why don’t you come along and get cooking – but be quick, classes are already selling out fast. See for details.