This week we will mostly be wearing…

Simon and Dave showing the Rochester Shirt and Croftway Sweater
Rochester Shirt £45 Croftway Sweater £69

No, you’re not seeing double (hopefully) – it’s Simon (left) and Dave (right) from Head Office. Both have very good (if not a little strange that it’s exactly the same) taste in sweaters and shirts.

And both apparently really like the colour Hyacinth.

Who’d of thought it possible?
Dave (no2)

Dave (no2) was a day late for Hyacinth Wednesday.
Something tells us that it won’t just be the women at  Joules asking “what are you wearing tomorrow?”

Joules and Vikings!

York and Vikings have history. Joules and Vikings do not. However that all changed when one Danish plunderer took a time out from the 25th annual Jorvik Viking Festival to get his hands on a Tuppence Bag.

He knows how to ‘wear it’.