Call of the Wild: Introducing our new Pheasant Print

22nd September 2017

As the nights begin to draw in and we start lighting fires and turning on the heating for this first time, we also start reaching for clothes that reflect this somewhat sudden shift in the seasons. Old knits may make an appearance whilst lighter layers may be completely abandoned until next spring.

Did you know?

All of our prints are lovingly hand-drawn by our super talented (even if we do say so ourselves) print team. They create over 200 each year and right now, as you’re reading this, we’re quite sure that they’ll be sketching and scribbling away.

The colours and prints we wear also change too. Richer, deeper tones replace lighter, brighter ones giving us all the chance to truly embrace the autumn in the most stylish of ways.

It was last winter when driving along the country lanes of Norfolk that our Print Team thought that the humble yet striking pheasant (that they had to swerve to avoid a couple of times) would make a rather eye-catching print if we could just capture them differently as we had done in previous seasons.

Our print designer Jo filled a whole sketchbook with pheasants of all shapes and sizes and doing all manner of things – flying, walking, pecking, squawking. She became an expert in the behaviour of this common yet colourful inhabitant of our hedgerows and fields.

Did you know?

Pheasants are not native to Britain: it’s thought that the Romans first brought them here many moons ago.

When back at Head Office, these sketches were placed alongside some research that our Print Team had been doing about the Arts and Crafts Movement – an international movement that began here in Britain around 1880 and focused on decorative and fine arts. The result, after hours of brushwork involving both watercolour and gouache was a rich, layered, symmetrical print that was both vintage and modern in its appearance.

The pheasant is almost hidden amongst on-trend jewel tones, ferns and wild flowers creating a piece of art that can only truly be appreciated when studied for a while. A fleeting glance may captivate for a second or two, but this is one print we recommend getting lost in for many minutes.

When it came to choosing the garments on which this print would appear, we could have chosen everything – but we decided on mixing a few best-selling styles with new shapes to become part of a small but perfectly formed collection.

And now – in homage to this brilliant bird – there’s just one question to ask, which style will you peck?

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