We’ve Got Christmas All Wrapped Up (literally)

7th December 2017

Now you may read the title and think we’re going to send you everything you ordered neatly gift wrapped. We wouldn’t do that. Why? Because we think wrapping presents (completely by yourself!) is as much a part of Christmas as mulled wine and mistletoe.

Choosing wrapping paper, finding a spot in the house where you’ll be undisturbed and getting tangled in sticky tape should be a tradition everyone embraces – no matter skill level or age.

However this year, thanks to our moustache-sporting (it has been Movember) packaging designer Dan, we’ve brilliantly boxed a few items that are notoriously difficult to wrap. Have you ever tried wrapping a mug?

Socks? What a Cracking Idea

Featuring new festive designs, these socks are packaged in a Christmas cracker gift box and are crafted from bamboo, which has more benefits than you can shake a stick (or bamboo cane) at, such as being hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating and other long, scientific-sounding words.

Grab Some Crown Joules

Meet the new crowning glory of any man’s underwear collection. Featuring charming prints that will rule all year round and crafted from super soft cotton that contains a little stretch for a lot of comfort and with an updated elasticated waistband for the new season. Oh, did we mention the splendid (and oh-so-easy) to wrap box they come in.

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Most packaging is thrown away after a recipient has grabbed their new favourite socks or taken the first sip from their Christmas mug. My job as a packaging designer is to make you think twice about throwing a box straight in the bin, notice the small details and the playful construction. Are you sure you can’t use that box for something else?

Dan, Packaging Designer

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Take a Trip to Warmwell Lodge

This printed mug and cosy fluffy socks gift set is a perfect present for girls and boys. During the chilly nights of winter, pair the socks with some of our pyjamas and filled the mug with hot chocolate for the ultimate cosy night in. When the items have been lifted from the lodge, it can be used for all manner of things from creating a home for your toys to stashing Christmas sweets.

Gift Boxes with a Twist

Give gift-giving an extra special touch with either a cool dinosaur or equestrian-inspired gift box. Not only are they super eye-catching, but the pieces can be popped out and put together to create an interactive scene. We recommend carefully considering what you put in these boxes as they could easily become the star of the show.

Which one is your favourite gift box?

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    27.12.2017 at 13:13 Reply

    What lovely pictures which certainly put me in the frame of mind for Christmas.
    I was thrilled to receive Joules toiletries from my twin brother Steven, wife Vicki and two lovely nephews.

    Alison Blood


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