Sow the perfect patch

rocket garden

There are 3 simple steps to get growing…

- Pick out an area for your patch
- Chose whichever Instant Garden your taste buds the most
- When your box of greens arrived, get planting – It’s that simple!


Decide how big an area you’d like to fill.

When you’re deciding where to put your garden, try to choose a spot that’s sheltered and gets plenty of sun.

Once you’ve chosen your location, you need to decide on a method for growing that best suits you. If you’re not a fan of digging then raised beds are perfect. When building them, make sure you can reach the middle from both sides of the bed so you don’t have to stand on the soil.

If you don’t mind digging, then mark out an area and remove the turf. Or you can cover the grass with an old carpet for a couple of months before you want to plant. This kills the grass instead of having to remove it. Once cleared, the soil needs to be broken up with a fork. Push it in down to a spades depth and twist. This gives you a deep, well-turned soil that’s the perfect home for your baby plants to grow in.

You can grow your own food in almost anything, whether it’s pots, containers or even old baths. Take a look at our Grow It board on Pinterest for quirky planting ideas.


The perfect patch

So now you know where you’re going to grow, you need to decide what you’re going to grow. Click here to take a look at all the different Instant Gardens we have available. The best to order now if you would like to grow right away are the Constant Garden and the Fruit Garden

Simply order your instant garden gift voucher from Joules, and Rocket Gardens will then dispatch your ready-to-grow ‘baby’ plant to create your instant garden.


Get growing

Once the box of baby plants arrives, pop them into their new home and hey presto you are beginning to live the good life! If you’re not going to plant them straight away, sit them upright and give them a drink of water. When you’re ready to get going, have a good read through the growing guides that come with each garden and then start growing!


For your chance to WIN your very own Instant Garden then simply upload a picture of the best veg you’ve grown this year here >


Click here to watch the ‘How To’ video


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