3 winter coats that will stand the test of time

26th October 2016

As much as we don’t want to admit it, it’s getting colder. A lot colder. The heating is on (and if it isn’t you must be breaking out the blankets), hats and scarves are becoming a common sight and regular frosts can’t be too far away.

women wearing joules winter coat in the snow

It won’t be long until the temperature really tumbles and the numbers we look out for will be dipping below zero. Every journey we make, no matter how big or small (from a trip to the shops to dashing from the car to front door) will have to be prepared for like an Artic expedition.

Thankfully our women’s design team have created many ways to cheat a chill – and they don’t compromise on either style or comfort.

Here are three of our favourite cold weather coats from this season’s Warm Welcome Collection. If you choose one of these styles, outwitting the weather will have never looked better.

The Florian Padded Jacket

We’ve improved this popular fibrefill padded jacket, making it longer to give extra protection against the cold. It’s still lightweight and tailored to create a neat shape and silhouette and is a great way to show off our new hand-drawn prints. A must when the temperatures start to plummet.

woman wears joules floral winter coat in the countryside

The Snowshill Padded Jacket

We’re rather pleased with our new longline jacket. Cut to create a sleek silhouette but padded with fibrefill for exceptional warmth, it’s a real all-rounder. Detach the faux fur trimmed hood to create an elegantly shaped winter warmer, or keep it on for extra weather protection. The hand-drawn printed lining adds colour and detail where you’d least expect.

woman wears joules padded winter coat in the countryside

The Gosfield Padded Jacket

Not many things make us wish for colder weather, however this fibrefill padded jacket is one. With an extremely flattering shape, curved hem and detachable faux fur collar that you can add or remove depending on the temperature – it’s sure to make braving the elements a much more stylish affair.

women wears joules winter padded coat in the snow

Cold, what cold?

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