4 Ways to Embrace the April Showers

Springtime is in full swing, but we all know that endless days of sun and clear skies are still quite far away. Does that mean we have to sit indoors and wait for it to pass? Not on your nelly! Why think of rain as ‘bad weather’, when there’s so much that’s wonderful about it? Here are our top 4 ways to enjoy a rainy day outdoors. 

1. Explore the forest

 ‘Petrichor’ is a lovely word for a beautiful phenomenon — it means that warm, earthy smell that comes with rain falling onto soil, and it’s in absolute abundance when you’re walking through a wet woodland. Head out for a little nature trail, and see what you can spot. Count the snails that are making the most of their favourite weather, listen to the sounds of the raindrops falling onto the canopy above you, and follow the streams that cut a path between the trees. Oh, and make sure you pack your wellies — puddle jumping is a must! 

2. Make rain art

Never heard of it? It’s really easy and creates a pretty effect — a bit like watercolours, but you’re using the rain instead of a pot of water. All you need is some thick paper or card and some washable marker pens. The brighter the colours the better. First, draw some patterns and shapes using lots of different colours onto the paper. Rainbows work really well, but the idea is just to let your creativity run wild. Next, take your drawings out into the rain and lay them out on the grass. Now watch as the raindrops splash onto the paper and transform your art into a spotty, swirling, natural masterpiece! You can experiment with different art tools too, like pastel chalks and paints. And once it’s dry, you always have something to remember that happy, rainy day. 

3. Take a retreat

The sound of rainfall is a wonderful thing. It has a natural effect on our minds that helps us relax, inspires us and makes us feel connected with nature. Head out to the far reaches of the countryside and find a cabin or quiet spot — somewhere where technology and beeping phones are far from reach. You can bring with you a project you’ve been meaning to focus on, like a piece of writing or a craft, a song, a yoga practice or even just a goal to become more grounded and mindful. Sit back, close your eyes, and really listen to the sound of the rain in all its glory. Let nature inspire you, and reconnect with the world in its simplest form. Sometimes that’s all we need when day-to-day life gets a little too hectic! 

4. Head to the beach

You may think of the seaside as a place to go when it’s sunny and hot, but the beach is a great place to go when it’s raining too. Think about it — what makes sandcastles stick together? Wet sand! Grab your bucket and spade and build the best sandy fortresses you can imagine, then dig a moat around it and watch it fill with water. Since you’re already getting wet, a little paddling in the sea can be great fun too. As an added bonus, most people don’t think to go to the beach when the weather is rainy, so you’ll probably have the beach to yourself! 

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