5 Ghoulish Games for your Halloween Party

let’s get the party started fright (sorry) with our top five favourite Halloween party games.

It’s almost time for witches and spirits to take to the skies and for things to go bump in the night. Yes, Halloween is almost upon us again. Some might say there’s nothing more scary than the prospect of hosting a party for a coven of little monsters, so we’re here to make sure your little one’s Halloween party goes ghoulishly well.

Dust down your best pointed hat and broom and get those wands at the ready; let’s get the party started fright (sorry) with our top five favourite Halloween party games.

1. Monster Musical Statues

Make a playlist of the best spooky tunes, don’t forget The Monster Mash by Bobby Pickett and the Crypt Kickers, and get your little monsters dancing. You know the rules. Freeze! When the music stops they need to too.

2. Toilet Roll Mummy Race

You’re going to need a lot of toilet rolls for this game so make sure you stock up on plenty of budget brand rolls. Get the children in pairs, one to be the wrapper and one to be the mummy. The first mummy to be totally wrapped from head to toe wins. It’s a lot of fun bursting out of the ‘bandages’ too.

3. Apple Bobbing

This traditional game is still plenty of fun at any Halloween party. Fill up a cauldron (or large preserving pan, if you don’t have a witch’s cauldron to hand!) with water and add plenty of little apples. This could get messy so you might want to play this outside, or have a pile of towels to hand.

4. Pumpkin Hunt

Gather lots of little squashes, gourds, foil wrapped chocolate pumpkins and spooky skeletons prior to the party and in the same way you’d plan an Easter egg hunt get busy hiding them around the house or garden.

5. What’s in the Box?

It could be an eyeball, a rat’s tail, brains or maybe even some maggots. Gather some shoe boxes, cut a hole in the lid and add your ‘treats’. Use dried apricots for ears, over cooked rice for maggots, sweetie laces for rat’s tails, peeled grapes for eyeballs, boiled cauliflower for brains, dried pasta for broken bones, sweetcorn kernels for teeth and baby carrots for toes. Blindfold on of your brave souls, get them to feel in the box and guess which grisly item is in there. We know plenty of adults who’d be spooked by this one!

Happy Halloween!

Do you have any favourite games that you and your family play on the most spooktacular night of the year?

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