5 Hacks to Make Your Clothes Last Longer

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Good for the planet and good for your wallet, there are so many reasons to try and make your clothes last longer – not least because you’ll get to wear your favourites that little bit longer too!. Read on for our 5 easy hacks to make your clothes last.

Wash Inside Out

This is one of the easiest things you can do to help your clothes last longer. Washing inside out prevents damage and fading to the outside of your clothes as they won’t be catching on the washing machine. It also increases contact between the detergent and the dirtiest parts of your garment, as well as protecting all those special buttons an decorative details. Simple!


Watch your temperature

Whilst some pieces need to be washed at higher temperatures, for others a high heat can damage the fabric. We all know that washing at 30 degrees saves energy but a colder wash can also help stop colours running. Wool and silks, in particular, are better when washed at lower temperatures and if something is especially delicate (or damaging, like velcro), try popping it in a mesh bag to keep it separate from the rest of the load.

Don’t let stains set

Is there anything worse than a perfectly good top being ruined by a pesky stain? To have the best chance of completely getting rid of stain it’s best to treat it quickly. Different types of stain need different things but as long as you act quickly your clothes stand a good chance!

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Store it right

You might be surprised to hear that hanging clothes can actually misshape them. Some pieces such as chunky knitwear or activewear are especially prone to this. Instead, fold them in a drawer to help them keep their shape and if you do have to hang anything up, make sure to use wooden or padded hangers so they don’t snag your clothes.


Make friends with your local cobbler or tailor

A lot of the time, your favourite pieces can be easily repaired but sometimes they need a little more love than basic sewing skills can give. Getting shoes resoled, a zip swapped or a hem changed is often cheap and easy and will breathe a whole new life into your pieces.


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    Great tips re making your clothes last longer.

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    Excellent tips and good useful advice.

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