Spring has Sprung – 5 Ways to Celebrate Spring

20th March 2018

It may have seemed like it would never happen but the winter’s tale has almost come to an end for another year and spring is well and truly just around the corner.

The Spring Equinox, or Vernal Equinox as it’s otherwise known, falls on Tuesday 20th March this year; it marks the beginning of spring and lasts until June 21st. The change of seasons occurs in relation to the Earth’s tilt towards the sun and whether it’s tilting toward the North or South Pole. It’s this tilt that determines the length of days and nights throughout the year in each hemisphere. At this time of year the Earth’s poles are not tilting in either direction, therefore, unlike in other seasons, the night and the day are equal in time. The word ‘equinox’ itself is Latin for equal, in this case equal night and day – a marked change from the short days and long, dark nights of winter.

There really is no better way of welcoming in the spring than getting outdoors and immersing yourself in it. Here are our favourite spring activities to celebrate this magical time of year.

Flowered Up

Take a walk in any woodland and you’re sure to come across a carpet of bluebells turning the forest floor a hazy shade of lilac and blue. Keep your eyes open for all the green shoots that are springing up; the narcissi, daffodils, crocus and anemones are now making a welcome appearance too.

Meal Time Makeover

Move over stews and hearty soups it’s new season produce’s time to shine. From winter’s slim pickings to spring’s abundance, now’s the time to shake up meal times and bring some colour to the table. With everything from purple sprouting broccoli and spring onions to rhubarb and spinach coming into season it’s easy to give meal times a shake-up.

Bring the Outdoors In

Allow some of that spring magic into the house with cut greenery and flowers. A £1 bunch of daffodils goes a long way to brightening up a room. For something more long-lasting plant hyacinth and dwarf daffodil bulbs in pots or lined baskets for a spring display that’s guaranteed to smell great too.

Clean up your act

Spring cleaning may not sound like the most exciting of plans to make but the rewards are manifold. It’s the perfect way to shake off the winter dust and allow the light and fresh air back into the house. Use the time to have a bit of a clear out too, it’s as good for the head as it is for cupboard space.

Plan an Easter Gathering

It’s great to mark holidays with family and friends and the last time you probably did it was at Christmas, months ago. Make life easy for yourself by hard boiling lots of eggs and getting in plenty of craft supplies and felt tip pens for children (and adults!) to get busy decorating. Ask all your guests to bring along a dish to share at the table too, hosting a gathering doesn’t need to involve a week’s worth of work, you need to enjoy it too.

How do you like to celebrate the advent of spring?

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