Mum, Let’s Go!
5 Ways to Spend
Mother’s Day Outdoors

What better way to spend Mother’s Day than out appreciating Mother Nature herself? Whether you’re planning a day out for your own mum, mother-in-law, mother figure or even one for yourself with the little ones, these ideas are sure to make the occasion one to cherish forever.

A Picnic with a View

We all know a picnic is the perfect way to spend some time outdoors, but why not make it that bit more special by finding a spot with a breathtaking view? Pack a basket (don’t forget the cake!) and find a scenic spot, like the peak of a hill, a quiet beach or a botanical garden. Spread out a picnic blanket and enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and each other’s company. Make sure to take some photos to remember the special moment.

Growing Together

Gardening is a lovely outdoor activity that you can enjoy at any age. Head to a local nursery together and pick out some new plants, flowers, or herbs – make sure to choose mum’s favourite colours! Find a spot that you can designate as a special “mum and me” garden, and spend the day digging in the dirt, planting, and watering. Not only will this activity give you a chance to bond, but you’ll be reminded of that special Mother’s Day every time you look out the window.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Take a day out with a difference. Think of somewhere that holds a special memory for your family and plan a surprise trip there to re-live the moments. Maybe it’s a park where you used to have picnics as a child or a beach where you went on family holidays. Spend the day reminiscing and creating new memories together.

Let’s Ride

A family bike ride is a great way to get everybody out and smiling. Little ones can let off all that extra energy, and you can enjoy the scenery as you cycle around the countryside. Map out a route together beforehand – you could even get the children to help draw it out on paper. When you’ve completed your trail, you can enjoy a flask of tea as you catch your breath and celebrate your achievement.

Camp Under the Stars

If you’re looking for a more adventurous Mother’s Day celebration, why not try camping? Head to a nearby camping spot (or you could even just set it up in your back garden!) and spend the evening scoffing down treats, telling stories, and stargazing. Make sure to pack lots of snuggly blankets to keep warm, and dress for the weather! This unique experience will create memories that will last a lifetime.

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