6 Ways To Wear An Oversized Scarf

A major highlight of breaking out our winter wardrobe is the opportunity for lots of layering. And the cherry on that layer cake? The oversized scarf. A must-have every Autumn/Winter season, it easily updates classic knits and coats, and is a great way to inject some colour into winter wear. Need some assistance with all that fabric? Here’s our editor’s tips on the best ways to wear yours.

1. How to Wear the Infinity Scarf

  1. Fold the scarf in half diagonally to make a triangle and lightly twist the length of the fabric.
  2. Wrap the scarf around and around your neck until there’s just enough fabric left to tie a knot at the front. Tuck the knot under the scarf to complete the infinite look.

2. How to Wear the Low Knot Scarf

  1. Hang your scarf over your shoulders, with one side slightly longer than the other.
  2. Draw the longer end in front of the other side, loop behind and pull back through the centre of the scarf to the front and create a loose, low knot.

3. How to Wear the Loose Wrap Scarf

  1. Place your scarf over the back of your neck and loop round once, so that each end is hanging evenly over the front of your shoulders.
  2. As the scarf is oversized you’ll have lot’s of fabric to work with, so loosen the wrap around your neck a little to allow some breathing space.

4. How to Wear the Simple Loop Scarf

  1. Roll the scarf along one edge into a long rope shape and fold in half.
  2. Place the folded scarf around the back of your neck, twist once and pull the hanging ends through the loop on one side.

5. How to Wear the Cowl Scarf

  1. Place your scarf at the back of your neck so that one end sits on your shoulder at a shorter length than the other.
  2. Loosely wrap the long end around your neck and tuck in the loose ends at the back.

6. How to Wear the Shoulder Wrap Scarf

  1. Hang your scarf on one shoulder so it sits just below your waist line.
  2. Take the longer side and wrap this loosely around your other shoulder and to the back.

There you have it, 6 ways to tie large scarves. Don’t be intimidated by tying a big scarf, just think of them as your cosy best friend in the colder months. With so many to choose from in our beautiful scarf collection, and all with that typical Joules attention to detail you’d expect, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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