6 Ways To Wear An Oversized Scarf

A major highlight of breaking out our winter wardrobe is the opportunity for lots of layering. And the cherry on that layer cake? The oversized scarf. With the colder weather upon us, the scarf is a must-have everyday essential going into the Autumn/Winter season, it easily updates classic knits ,coats and quilted jackets and is a great way to inject some colour into your winter wardrobe. The faithful oversized scarf is a wardrobe staple which provides warmth and additional comfort through the cooler months and is also remarked for its versatility when it comes to how to style it. Who knew there were so many different ways to wear a scarf? Need some assistance with how to style an oversized scarf? Here’s our editor’s top tips on how to wear a scarf.


Wondering what an infinity scarf is? The infinity scarf is classic style of scarf, which is made up of one single loop, creating the illusion of an infinite spiral that goes on and on. Pair this with a padded gilet and our ever-popular wellies on your walks to ensure you are still looking the part, whilst staying extra warm throughout the unpredictable British weather. Master how to wear an infinity scarf with these simple steps…

Step one: Fold the scarf in half diagonally to make a triangle and lightly twist the length of the fabric.

Step two: Wrap the scarf around and around your neck until there’s just enough fabric left to tie a knot at the front. Tuck the knot under the scarf to complete the infinite look.


Ever thought how do you tie a scarf with a simple knot? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The low knot scarf is a go-to style for scarf enthusiasts and fashion lovers. If the weather is mild or you’re just wanting to throw on a scarf to dress up an outfit and add additional colour, the low knot scarf is for you. It’s guaranteed that once you’ve perfected the art of tying a scarf you won’t look back.

Step one: Hang your scarf over your shoulders, with one side slightly longer than the other.

Step two: Draw the longer end in front of the other side, loop behind and pull back through the centre of the scarf to the front and create a loose, low knot.


Whether dressing-up or dressing-down, throw on a loose wrap shawl scarf. After all, it is the season of wrapping up! From dog walks to early morning strolls, the shawl scarf is great for snuggling into and protecting you from the cold. A sophisticated option, a shawl scarf couples perfectly with a pair of classically stylish Chelsea boots.

Step one: Place your scarf over the back of your neck and loop round once, so that each end is hanging evenly over the front of your shoulders.

Step two: As the scarf is oversized, you’ll have lots of fabric to work with, so loosen the wrap around your neck a little to allow some breathing space.

4. How to Wear the Simple Loop Scarf

If you’re looking for an effortless look, this style is for you. This simplistic look looks stylish and put together and is a failsafe way to insulate yourself from mother nature. Who’d have thought a simple loop in a scarf could help you keep warm? Whether you have an oversized blanket scarf or a chunky knit scarf, style it with an effortless loop and be ready to brave the wintery weather with confidence and elegance.

Step one: Roll the scarf along one edge into a long rope shape and fold in half.

Step two: Place the folded scarf around the back of your neck, twist once and pull the hanging ends through the loop on one side.

5. How to Wear the Cowl Scarf

The cowl neck scarf has been circling the fashion industry for decades, with it making a big comeback in recent years. The classic cowl neck allows for a cosy and snug neckline that pairs great with a sweatshirt and your favourite denims. Ideal for those crisp days, master the art of this scarf tying technique and it will be your go to style.

Step one: Place your scarf at the back of your neck so that one end sits on your shoulder at a shorter length than the other.

Step two: Loosely wrap the long end around your neck and tuck in the loose ends at the back.

6. How to Wear the Shoulder Wrap Scarf

Wanting to brace the colder weather gracefully without layering and bulking up? The shoulder wrap is arguably the most breathable scarf tying technique. Combining elegance with a little warmth, the shoulder wrap scarf is a fuss-free way to take away the chill.

Step one: Hang your scarf on one shoulder so it sits just below your waistline.

Step two: Take the longer side and wrap this loosely around your other shoulder and to the back.

There you have it, 6 ways to wear a scarf. Don’t be intimidated by tying an oversized scarf, just think of them as your cosy best friend in the colder months. With so many to choose from in our beautiful scarf collection, and all with that typical Joules attention to detail you’d expect, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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