7 easy ways to cheer up your Easter table

Feeling like your Easter plans have been cancelled now visitors can’t come for tea? We believe it doesn’t matter how many people you’re expecting around the table – that doesn’t mean the Easter Bunny can’t still get an invite! Make the most of this unprecedented situation with nature-inspired homemade crafts and pretty pieces to adorn your dining space, with a little help from the little ones too. Here are our top seven ideas and activities to cheer up your table and your mood for Easter.

1. Bring the outside in

With spring flowers blooming in abundance at the moment, there’s never been a better time to make the most of this beautiful flora and fauna — but why just stop at the garden? Bright, sunshine yellow daffodils, pink peonies, delicate baby’s breath and blossom branches from the trees make a stunning arrangement to add to your Easter table – just remember not to pick wildflowers, just ones from your garden. Put small bunches in pretty vases along the centre of the table, or mix a few blossom branches with coloured decorative eggs in a large glass vase.

If you don’t have any, faux flowers work a treat too – like these from The Recipe Flowers, and artificial “Easter Trees” have been gaining popularity over the years too.

2. Showcase your best tableware

We know that it might seem silly to get out your fancy china when nobody is coming to visit, but there’s absolutely no harm in bringing a touch of elegance to your table with your best plates, glasses and cutlery. Traditional tableware can add a quaint vintage charm, or you can try some floral pastels to match the posies you’ve brought from the garden.

The tip for making your table look extra special? Take inspiration from your favourite fine restaurant and set out your crockery and cutlery in order:


First:  Dinner Plate

Second: Salad Plate

Third: Soup Bowl


Left:  Dinner Fork, Salad Fork

Right: Dinner Knife, Salad Knife, Soup Spoon

Top: Dessert Fork, Dessert Spoon

3. Give some egg-stra special chocolate treats

Let’s face it, there is one thing we definitely all look forward to at Easter time: chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Adding some tasty treats to your table will get everybody excited to celebrate, even if it isn’t the gathering you expected. You can try your hand at making some chocolaty treats, like Easter nests or rocky road bars that the little ones can get involved with making, or simply get some ready-made chocolates like these tasty ones from Harry Specters.

4. Pick a colour palette

Something that really helps to tie together a tablescape (yes, that’s the official word for a decorated table!) is sticking to a colour palette. This helps you to choose what decorations to use and group together. Here are a few ideas:

Garden Daffodils
Bright yellow with natural greens and browns

Gentle Blossom
Soft pinks with cream and beige tones

Candy Colours
Bright pinks, yellows, greens and blues

Modern Masterpiece
Pastel tones with a pop of metallic gold

5. Try your hand at (very easy) bunny origami

Napkins are a must if you’re wanting to dress a table nicely, but you don’t have to just fold them in half and make do. Choose your prettiest spring-themed napkins, garden twine and  a few decorative eggs. Fold the napkin diagonally into a triangle, then roll up along the long edge. Fold the rolled napkin gently in half and tie a bow with the twine about 2/3rds of the way down, then place the egg in the loop of napkin that the twine has created. You could even draw a little face on the egg, or add a branch of baby’s breath for a natural touch.

6. Get crafty

Use whatever you have to hand to make bright bunting to decorate the room. You could even let the littles loose and see what they create! Hessian squares glued and threaded together with jute make an ideal backdrop, but you could use cardboard from the recycling or even some pretty paper. Make a pom pom garland with this crafty kit from Button Bag, or for more experienced crafters you could try making this gorgeous needle-felted hare from The Makerss that’s sure to add a little charm to your table.

7. Play dress up

Now the room is dressed and ready, it’s time for you to get dressed up for dinner too. Okay, we know that your idea of dressing up for Easter probably involves your best floral dress, but your little ones will have something completely different in mind. Hop to it, take a leaf out of The Vicar of Dibley’s book and don your best bunny ears — children will love these woodland headbands from A is for Alice and these handmade dressing-up sets from Sew Heartfelt. Why not make your own Easter bonnets too?

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