9 Great Gift Ideas For Babies

Present shopping for a newborn baby. The search for something the happy (but tired) parents will find beautiful, memorable but also useful and practical. It’s a precious time, and it’s great to find that something that’ll make life with the new addition easier. We’ve picked our top baby gift winners that never fail to go down a treat!

A fun wool hat

Headwear and a fun character all in one! In winter many maternity units won’t allow a newborn to leave without one, so a warm hat is a great pre-natal present. This little mouse is machine washable too, thumbs up!

A Baby Grow

Most babies spend a good percentage of their first few months in babygrows, lucky things! Ours come in our usual fun prints on 100% cotton, and are easy fasten. Handy for 2am nappy changes.

The Essential Muslin

An all purpose essential tool for newborns; whether it’s to protect mum or dad’s clothes from dribble or to drape over a pram at nap time. Muslins also provide a comforter for the little one to grab and snuggle.

Fancy Footless Tights

A wardrobe must have for the new arrival, footless tights or leggings give lots of freedom of movement and warmth too. The fun characters featured on the bottom get lots of appreciative ohhs and ahhs from all ages!

A Cuddly Rattle

A soft toy with a sensory rattle is a baby gift winner, especially when it’s as adorable as little Renard the fox! You never know, he could be baby’s favourite keep-forever toy.

A Fleece Jacket

Babies aren’t able to regulate their body temperature the way adults do, so warm clothes that are easy to get on and off are a real must have. These fleeces are colourful, cosy and warm, welcome to snuggleville!

Cutie Booties

Babies love to kick their lovely little legs around, a pair of booties add some warmth and protection to their precious feet while they’re learning to use their limbs. If the baby’s sex is a surprise, this bear pair work for any gender.

A Blanket

Swaddling, letting the baby have some tummy time or for comfort while they’re being changed, blankets are always a welcome gift for newborns. This moss stitch blanket is kind on new skin, 100% cotton and machine washable, yay!

A Teether Dribble Bib

The Dragon’s Den duo who make up Cheeky Chompers collaborated with our designers to create these Neckerchews. The dribble bib complete with attached teether, two new baby essentials in one! All of the range of bibs and comforters come in our unique Joules prints.

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Card Alternative

A great substitute for a card for the newbie is to buy a favourite children’s book and write your message inside the cover.

Buy Older

It’s worth buying some clothing in larger sizes so new baby is well stocked for the coming year, just buy for the right season!

Treat The Parents

If you want to treat the parents too, why not buy them a rucksack to easily carry baby’s bits around hands free?

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