A Cuppa With…Cara Sutherland and Sally Hurman

We caught up with two blooming marvellous mums and bloggers behind ‘Within These Walls’ and ‘Getting Stuff Done in Heels‘, to chat about what being a mum means to them ahead of this Sunday’s celebrations.

Q: Tell us three things that make you smile about being a mum?

CS: “The things that they come out with just never fail to amaze me. They are just daft and so creative and so hilarious. The constant cuddles and affection and the fact there are little mini versions of me in the world, is quite nice to think.”

SH: “So the thing that makes me smile most… firstly the banter, the constant banter of being within a household full of men, equally sometimes that really doesn’t make me smile. However, what is great to see is how all of my boys get on together now they’re older!”

Q: What are the challenges of motherhood?

SH: “Motherhood is busy, it is all encompassing and you’re in this zone for a long time. You really don’t seem to come up for air for what feels like quite a long time.”

CS: “You go through a stage of being so frightened of doing it all right and reading what everyone else does and trying to be the best mum you can be; but then you get to a stage when you just realise as long as you love them you can’t really go far wrong!”

SH: “I agree with Cara and think it’s all about falling into the stride of it.”

CS: “Maybe that is just finding your confidence in being a mum!”

Q: What are some of the life lessons you would like to teach your children?

SH: “I have always drummed into them since they were little to say, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and always answer when someone asks, ‘how are you?’ Then you can get away with anything! And the boys still do that now! The life lessons that I taught them when they were little, those three simple things I feel have done them well!

Another important lesson is that it doesn’t matter what path they choose as long as they’re happy, we are behind them and even if it all goes wrong, we’ve got your backs. I think that is a really important thing for them to always know!”

Q: And what have your kids taught you?

CS: “What I love is the fact they’ve taught me to be a kid again, to play and to get down on the floor and to be silly and to be at their level but mainly to see life through their eyes again… that’s really nice!”

Thank you to Cara and Sally for sharing their experiences and lessons through Motherhood with us.

Both mums noted if any of their children happen to stumble across this post prior to Sunday, breakfast in bed and flowers would be much appreciated!

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