A Guide To:
Caring For Leather

Style and durability in an accessory can’t get better than one of our latest leather handbags. If you’re seeking to spark a long term relationship with a new leather love affair, look no further!

The best place to start is to find good quality leather — something that you can count on with all Joules leather accessories and footwear. We’re proud to say that all of our leather handbags are sourced from Leather Working Group approved tanneries – reducing the impact our leather has on the environment.

We’ve asked our Senior Accessories Technologist, Frankie O’Dowd for her advice on how to care for your leather — a self-confessed “leather nerd”, we knew she was the right person to go to!

How do I care for different types of leather?

“Caring for your leather goods will help them age gracefully and will extend the life of them too. As a natural material, leather will have irregularities, but they’re not imperfections. Often small marks can be reduced by lightly buffing the leather with a dry cloth — if you’re going to use any product on your leather, always try a small inconspicuous patch first.”

How do I care for leather and pull up leather?

“Leather is a natural product so it’s really simple and straightforward – be gentle, and if possible brush any dirt off first, then wipe with a damp cloth, and finally buff with a soft, clean cloth.”

How do I care for suede and nubuck?

“Use a specialist suede brush to gently buff away marks. For heavier stains, remove them with a damp cloth, but be careful not to use too much water as this could mark the leather.”

How do I care for hair on hide?

“Sponge the leather with a damp cloth to remove any surface dirt, and brush lightly in the direction of the pile with a soft brush to maintain its look and feel.”

How should I store leather?

01. Keep it cool and dry

“Leather should always be stored in a cool, dry place, out of the way of anywhere it could get scuffed or marked.”

02. Use your dust bag

“At Joules, we always provide you with a dust bag for your leather accessories. Make sure you use this, as it helps to keep them dust-free and safe from any scrapes.”

03. Beware of wet weather

“Never store leather when it’s wet, as it can go mouldy. Let it dry out naturally, or dab with a dry cloth. It’s best to avoid prolonged exposure to wet conditions, so maybe keep your best bag at home on the rainiest of days.”

What if I stain my leather?

01. Act fast

“Horror of horrors – a pen has leaked on your leather bag, or a large glass of red wine has landed on it. What to do? You love your bag, you’ve had it for ages, but it’s borderline ruined… nil desperandum. Wipe off any excess you can with a damp cloth and head to the dry cleaners ASAP.”

02. Use non-toxic cleaners

“As an Accessories Technologist I can only recommend dry cleaners who use a non-toxic, silicone-based cleaning solution instead of Perchloroethylene, which is a harsh, toxic petrochemical that can shrink and fade your leather.”

03. Your dry cleaner is your friend

“Get to know your dry cleaner — the best ones are passionate about what they do and really care about looking after your garments.”

How do I keep my leather looking good for years to come?

01. Keep away from radiators

“Be nice to your leather – if it gets wet, don’t leave it near a radiator as this can dry the leather out and age it.”

02. Seek help

“If a seam comes loose or a handle breaks, a cobbler or even a saddler will usually be able to mend it for you for a small fee.”

03. Ask the professionals

“I also recommend going to your local saddlery shop, cobblers or leather upholsters and having a chat with folk who work with leather all the time.  They have great ideas and specialist products they can recommend.”

04. Buff and polish

“If the handles on your bag are looking a little grubby, a wash with glycerine saddle soap then left to air dry soon sorts them out, followed by a buff with some leather conditioner. I prefer products that have lots of bee’s wax, lanolin and other natural ingredients in them, as I’m not a big fan of artificial polishes.”

5. Keep colours bright

“For coloured leather – treating minor scuffs with a matching shoe polish (be sure to make sure you clean it and buff it off fully or you may mark your clothes) can bring your leather back to looking lovely after a minor scrape or damage.”

Thanks for the advice, Frankie! If you’re looking for that perfect piece you can cherish season after season, our collection of super stylish and fabulously functional leather accessories and footwear is definitely worth falling head over heels for.

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