A Guide to Living Sustainably, With Friends of Joules

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Looking to make more mindful decisions in your life, from the things you buy, to the way you think, to the people you surround yourself with? You’re not alone! The hustle and bustle of a busy life makes it easy to forget about the little things, but living a more conscious lifestyle can help you feel less stressed, more in control and more connected. The benefits that come along with conscious living don’t just benefit you, but the people around you and our planet too.

That’s why we launched our Friends of Joules Conscious Living Collection, where you’ll find a selection of thoughtful products and items made for a healthier you and a happier planet.

Unsure of how to make the steps to live more mindfully? We spoke with some of our Friends of Joules from the Conscious Living Collection to find out how they achieved a more conscious lifestyle, and why it’s so important.

Q: What does living consciously mean to you?

“To us, living mindfully is an awareness of your surroundings and of how every small thing we do and decision we make has an effect on both the external world and on our own mental wellbeing. For the planet, it means being aware of how your daily habits have an impact on the environment whereas for mental wellbeing, it means to be present in the moment and enjoy the little things.” – Raine & Humble

Q: Why is it so important to live more consciously?

“Being a keen meditator, I have learnt the importance of living each day mindfully. There are so many amazing benefits of living consciously, including being more calm and focussed, not worrying about what I can’t control in the future and generally being the best version of myself that I can be, as I am fully present in each situation.” – The Wood Life Project

Q: How does what you create help people live a more conscious life?

“I believe that connecting with nature is one of our biggest failings in the Western world today. By bringing nature to people with our products and helping them fall more in love with our flora and fauna, I think people and the world will heal, and live, more abundantly.” – Beefayre

Q: Do you agree that mindfulness and living sustainably go hand-in-hand?

“Yes, I most certainly do. Both mindfulness and living sustainably are about enriching our lives, and we can only truly do this when we are at perfect ease.  There’s no place in either living mindfully or living sustainably for compromise in what is good and what is bad, we are humans and have a conscience.” – The Wood Life Project

Q: How do you try to live a more conscious life?

“We make small choices like taking the stairs and not the lift because we know it’s better for our health, we shop locally to have a positive impact on our communities, we carry reusable bags and choose cruelty free cosmetics and locally grown produce to reduce our impact on the Earth. We walk round to the shops rather than drive because not only is it good for your health and better for the planet than driving, it feels so nice to have the sun on your face and breath the fresh air- meaning we enjoy the journey and take in our surroundings, rather than just go out to complete a chore.” – Raine & Humble

Q: What would you recommend for people wanting live more mindfully?

“Get out in nature! That’s my strongest advice. Every day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Get out into the green and just observe. Watch the dandelions, the birds, the insects, the life of the trees. Smell the air, breathe with the wind and listen to the land. Just be in nature. Stay curious.” – Beefayre

Friends of Joules is our online marketplace for a contemporary country lifestyle. We have partnered with 100s of creative people and businesses like these to bring you 1000s of perfect products for you and your family (four-legged family members included!) in just one place. If you’d like to discover more sellers in our Conscious Living Collection, just click below!

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