A Helping Hand For Nuzzlets

Nuzzlets is a fantastic, grassroots charity that not only provides a loving home for unwanted animals, but also provides free access for young people with disabilities, special needs and life-threatening illnesses to visit the centre for animal assisted therapy and education. We are so pleased to be working with Nuzzlets for our first Joules Charity Month.

What is Nuzzlets?

Nuzzlets started giving sanctuary unwanted and abandoned animals in 2002, when they gave a home to three rescued ponies. As their animal family grew, they soon realised that these animals had so much love to give, that could be shared with others who need it. That’s where the idea came to turn Nuzzlets into not just an animal sanctuary, but a care farm and countryside classroom.

Assisted animal therapy helps people to relax, brings back memories of beloved pets and puts a smile on their faces. Nuzzlets now visits a number of hospices, care homes and schools, bringing people together with the love of our furry and feathered friends.

Charity Facts

Nuzzlets now has around 80 in their care, and have rehomed hundreds more.
Among those many animals, one includes a miniature Shetland pony with dwarfism called Thimble.
Nuzzlets has won three Local Hero Awards for their amazing work with the community.

How has Joules helped Nuzzlets?

Last year, Joules bought a new classroom/stable for Nuzzlets, which was aptly named ‘The Joules House’.  The house has been constructed around a living tree, where visiting children can write their name or draw a picture on a colourful paper leaf, and then hang the leaf on the tree and make a wish. The walls of the house look amazing and currently show animals, dressed in scarves and ear muffs.

Some of the money raised by Joules was also put towards buying a small horse box, which means Nuzzlets can take the larger animals (goats, sheep, horses etc.) out on visits to Martin House Children’s Hospice and other venues.

We have also provided workwear for the Nuzzlets team, as well as display materials to brighten up their classrooms.

Joules has been amazing and has helped in so many different ways. Because of Joules, hundreds of rescued animals are safe, secure and healthy. Thousands of special needs and disabled children and adults enjoy animal therapy and a visit to the farm. Families build precious memories which are so important to hold onto. Without Joules we would have to spend a lot of time fundraising, because of their generosity we can concentrate on the animals and families.

Mary, Chair of Nuzzlets

How could your donation help Nuzzlets?

£7 will pay for a bale of hay.

£10 will pay for a blacksmith to visit each pony every 8 weeks.

£10 will feed all of our rabbits for one week.

£11 buys a bag of feed.

Stories From The Nuzzlets Team:

A family visited us from York, they told us that the first time they had seen us was two years ago when we were fund raising at a York Garden Centre. We had Lucy hen and were pushing her around in a pram. Their son, who was five years old at the time, had never spoken a word. He saw the hen going for a walk in a pram, this triggered something in his brain, and he said hen, his first word. His second word was Lucy. We suggested getting him a pet, which they did and now at 7 years old he speaks well.

Kirsten, Trustee

A resident at a nursing home was mute until we put a kitten on her lap, she talked to it non-stop, the carers couldn’t believe it

Kathy, Trustee

Would you like to offer your support to our fantastic charities? Visit our Virgin Money Giving page or head into store to see what’s going on. Keep up-to-date with our efforts by using #JoulesCharityMonth

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