A Joules Print Story: Meet the Woodland Trust-Inspired Collection

Our best and woodland-iest collection yet, we’re delighted to introduce our collection inspired by and designed in partnership with the Woodland Trust. Spot scampering squirrels, flutter your eyes at some butterflies or branch out in a new ditsy print, these pieces will transport you right to the heart of our wonderful British woodlands.

The Joules x Woodland Trust partnership began back in 2018 when the Woodland Trust became one of Joules’ chosen charities. Since then, we’ve been working together on a whole host of projects, from our pledge to plant a quarter of a million trees by 2022 to outdoor activities no matter the weather. It’s been an exciting few years!

This time, we’re bringing a little twist and rather than taking you outdoors, we’re bringing the outdoors to you and adding a little woodland to your wardrobe. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of Woodland Trust–inspired styles coming throughout AW21 and read on for a little flavour of what’s coming.


A Flutterly Brilliant Butterfly Print

We wanted the prints in our Woodland Trust-inspired collection to be as varied and unpredictably beautiful as nature itself.  One print that is particularly special is our butterfly print, which was inspired by the Woodland Trust’s work to create havens for wildlife. Each butterfly was hand drawn or painted and then layered onto leaves and flowers to echo woodland undergrowth. All the butterflies in this print can be found in the UK, such as the swallowtail or peacock butterflies – if you look closely enough, you might just spot one you’ve seen before!

Wood You Meet These Woodland Creatures

It’s not just butterflies you’ll spot hiding amongst our prints! You might also have spied some other woodland creatures hiding in the branches, allow us to introduce a few of them:

Meet the red squirrel: red squirrels can jump more than 2m – not bad for an animal with a body length of less than 25cm!

Meet the hazel dormouse: they’re a sleepy little soul and can spend as much as seven months of the year asleep (we’re only slightly jealous).

Meet the pine marten: did you know that male pine martens require at least 200 hectares of woodland for their territory? (Think about that next time you have to share a room).

Styles coming soon!

Buy Me, Plant A Tree

These pieces were inspired by our love of the British countryside and the creatures that live there, but also our fierce desire to protect it. We’ve pledged to plant 250,000 trees by 2022 in partnership with the Woodland Trust and we’ll be planting a tree for every Women’s Golightly Jacket, Women’s Snug Coat, Milport Packable Shopper, and Girls’ Golightly Jacket sold in our woodland butterfly print.

Want to explore more?

There’s always more to explore when it comes to getting outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer. Whether you’re a keen nature detective, looking for outdoor inspiration or just want to find out more about our partnership with the Woodland Trust, be sure to check out these links.

Check out the Woodland Trust blog here for more hints and tips for how to make the most of nature.

Did you know? You can get a Woodland Trust family membership from just £5 a month and enjoy adventures like this all year round. They’ll send you nature activities through the post and your donation will help protect trees and wildlife here in the UK. Check out the Woodland Trust website here for more information.

You can also find out more about how Joules is working with the Woodland Trust right here.

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