A Spook-tacular Halloween Party with Melanie Blodgett

a pile of pumpkins and two children enjoying a halloween party

Across the pond Halloween is a big deal, a huge deal in fact. So we’ve asked the fabulously creative American blogger, Melanie Blodgett for some fiendishly good tips on how to make this Halloween the best yet.

If you have a little one who thinks that the whole month of October is Halloween, the countdown can be a little tiring. Throwing a pre-Halloween party for your little one and their friends might help tide them over until the day arrives.

Here are some simple party tricks (and treats).

Deadly Decorations

children playing with halloween decorations, pumpkins and balloons

Have a few balloons (black ones) blown up and scatter pumpkins throughout your house. They don’t have to be carved – just the sight of a pumpkin is enough to give some people goose bumps. They’re a simple but effective way to add some spookiness to your home.

An Eerie Activity

Have the parents of each guest send you a photo of their child ahead of the party and print it out in black and white on thick paper.

Cut around the body to make a puppet of each guest. Then gather supplies such as markers, crayons, stickers and Halloween costume props (the cute illustrated accessories are from this Halloween Party Pack).

At the party, have each child decorate their puppet and dress them up.

Simply add craft sticks and ask them to put on a puppet show afterwards.

boy playing with arts ad crafts making halloweens gifts

Sink your Teeth into…

Bake up some churros and serve with caramel or chocolate. Donut holes or apple slices are equally as tasty. Or keep the apples whole – apple bobbing anyone?

girl holds halloween snacks

Ghoulish Goodies

Send each guest home with a pumpkin and balloon. Ask them to carve it (the pumpkin not the balloon) with the help of an adult of course. You may see it flickering menacingly when you take your little monster trick or treating…

children play with balloons and pumpkins at halloween party

Happy Halloween! What have you got planned?

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