Autumnal Activities to Get Back to Nature

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As the summer months melt into September, this time of year has plenty to charm us. It’s cosy but not too cold, warm but not scorching. The sun takes on a golden glow and the crisp crunch of leaves and occasional rainy afternoon gently remind us that Bonfire night and marshmallow toasting are just around the corner.

But September is exciting for another reason too! Shoes are being shined, the calendar is filling up again and school days are peeking just around the corner. There’s no busier time than September and this year certainly seems topsy-turvier than most. As free time gets stretched, we’ve put together some simple ways to carry the excitement and family time of the summer months into the new season. After all, there’s nothing like the great outdoors for putting a smile on little one’s faces!

1. Stretch those green fingers

Get your little ones out in the garden by setting them little challenges and projects of their own. Whether it’s a who-can-fill-a-bucket-with-weeds-the-fastest competition or giving them their very own plot in the garden, they’ll have something to be proud of. September is the perfect time to think about planting bulbs ahead of the Spring months or if you’d like something ready to eat in a few weeks, why not try radishes or spring onions?

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2. Prepare a Picnic Spread

Picnics are always such a treat. There’s something so exciting about spreading out a picnic mat and unpacking a good old homemade feast. Eating outside is an easy way enjoy the fresh air and soak up some family sunshine, teddy bears or no teddy bears.

3. Rock painting

This little activity is great for both rainy and sunny days. Explore the countryside and gather your arty bits before returning home to paint them. Turn your rocks into little faces, fruit (they make excellent strawberries) or little animal friends. The possibilities are endless.


4. Get competitive on the obstacle course

Run to the plant pot, hop back, do five star jumps then dribble the ball to the checkpoint… the possibilities for an obstacle course are endless! Create one in the garden or in the woods, all you need is a bit of imagination and there you have it: an afternoon of fun at your fingertips.

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5. Play colour bingo

The idea behind colour bingo is simple: find something in every colour! This is a wonderful little activity that you can do anywhere, be it on family walks, on your way to school or simply in the garden. How many colours can you find?

Top tip: this is a great way to cure tired feet and get little ones excited for a walk!

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6. Find somewhere windy

There’s nothing like a blustery day on the beach for a spot of kite flying and nothing more exhilarating than seeing it finally take to the skies! Kite flying is a fantastic way to get those little legs running and something that the whole family can get enjoy. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try making your own?

7. Build a den

Nothing can quite describe the excitement of building your very own den — a secret space to call your own, where imagination runs wild and grown-ups aren’t allowed! Will it be a pirate’s cave, some spy headquarters or a chef’s kitchen? And most importantly, do you know the password?


Whatever the back to school season holds, there’s nothing like some time outdoors to smooth away little worries and to get a smile back on your face. Come rain or shine, we’ve made sure our back to school designs have lots of fun details to make every playtime special. We’re just waiting for our adult-sized dinosaur coats…

Have any more activity ideas? Let us know!

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