Windswept and Wonderful: The Story Behind the new Season shoot

8th September 2016

Family take a walk through the countryside

Once free from the car, the children bound about the heather and bracken that is starting to carpet the moors. Soon the whole family are enjoying the fresh air, open landscapes, clear skies and views of rolling fields that are divided by dry stone walls.

These two hastily scribbled sentences captured how we wanted our new autumn season to look and feel. Ever since the samples had come into the office, we’d been plotting and planning – where would the photoshoot take place, what models shall we use and how should we style the outfits?

countryside landscape

How could we create a campaign that encapsulated everything that autumn meant to us?

We decided there was no better way to introduce our new autumn collection than taking it to the moors of Alnwick, Northumberland. Beautiful yet barren landscapes, they would not only provide a stunning backdrop for our new collection, but really put it to the test.

family take a walk in the countryside

Cold weather means more clothes so we layered up our collections in the best way possible. For women, jackets, coats, knits and accessories were all thrown together – the wind and rain offering an opportunity to see how these pieces would stand up against the elements.

Joules new womens collection. Woman holds a chicken

Our men’s collection shared many qualities with the landscape on which the shoot took place, rugged and handsome (even if we do say so ourselves). Our new men’s outerwear, knits and accessories were made for life on the moors.

Man stands and leans on a stone wall

Our children’s collection was equally as happy. Quite simply, we layered them up and let them loose.

quotation marks

What better place to showcase our new autumn collection than the moors of Alnwick. And thanks to the ever-changing weather we were able to give it a real field test. Our wellies and coats came in very handy.

Bex, Art Director at Joules

quotation mark
Children play with sticks in the countryside

Our new collection was at home in the open air, trudging over grassland and up hills, but equally it wouldn’t look out of place in the town or city. Our new takes on tweed, classic Chelsea boots and printed dresses are perfect for almost every occasion.

Joules Cape

Once a couple (or several!) pieces from our new autumn collection have made their way to your wardrobe, where you wear them is totally up to you. Just remember, if you’re planning a trip to the moors of Northumberland, don’t leave home without them.


new styles


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rain showers


little sunshine


rosy cheeks

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