Learning’s fun with Small Talk

2nd August 2016

Reading to babies, the earlier you start, the better. You can never do too much and they’ll thank you for it later. It’s the one learning experience all educationalists advocate. The benefits of happy, funny, laughter-filled storytelling are bountiful for little brains, especially when it comes to encouraging speech development. And what devoted parent doesn’t want to fast track the joyous experience of hearing their child’s very first words and phrases?

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If you’re running low on inspiring baby literature at home, don’t despair. We’ve just discovered the new ‘Small Talk’ range of baby books with a seriously good educational slant. Filling the gap between those little black and whiteboard books for newborns and the first word baby books that line the shelves of your local bookshop, they’re a cute two-piece collection of speech-boosting stories created by good friends and budding entrepreneurs, Nicola Lathy and Tracey Blake.

Nicola, a speech therapist, and parenting journalist Tracey Blake, both wanted to create something new to assist parents tin choosing books to help with their baby’s development. So they’re doing just that. The result is two colourful and carefully researched books that are not only fun to read but perfect for parents who are keen to make the most of story time. Each one encourages those all-important new words with eye contact, repetition, vowel sounds and all sorts of very silly noises!

Bright and engaging, each story includes a helpful ‘teach-in’ spread at the back to show ways that you can get babies chattering, with expressions, gestures and repetition of simple first vowel sounds and words, which help early conversations to blossom.

Learning just got more fun.

At The Park and Bedtime are available to order now, price £6.99 at amazon.co.uk

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