Behind the Scenes: Making our Face Coverings


If you’re popping to the shops or simply out and about, you’ll need a trusty face covering to take with you. For the past few months, we’ve been swotting up on all the ins and outs of face coverings and we’re quite proud of ours! Our non-medical face coverings are washable, reusable and have been made from fabric off-cuts (so they’re kind for the environment too).

We’ve also added a little touch of Joules with a print that we hope will brighten your day!

We asked Frankie O’Dowd, our Senior Accessories Technologist, to give us a glimpse behind the scenes of making our face coverings and if she had any tips and tricks and to share!

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Q: What makes Joules’ face coverings special?

I remember when Tom Joule was interviewed on BBC Radio Leicester about Joules’ amazing effort to help the NHS charity with sales of Rainbow items, and how Joules directly assisted our local hospital and our local Hospice charity partner to source PPE. So when the DJ asked Tom if he’d be making colourful fabric masks for everybody else: I knew I’d better get swotting up!

Fast forward to now and not only have we made sure that our face coverings are fully compliant with recommended guidelines, but we have tried to be as eco-conscious as possible too. Where quality control has allowed, we have used offcuts from our garments to make our face coverings, and made sure they are just as breathable and comfortable from the first wear to the 100th.

It’s been a real team effort that has brought us all closer and I’m really proud of the Joules team!

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Q: How should I wear a face covering?

They need to be worn over the nose and mouth at the same time – which simply keeps your breath to yourself.  Cloth face coverings may not protect the wearer, but it may keep the wearer from spreading the virus to others, so wearing a mask is one of the kindest things you can do!

Before putting on your face covering – wash your hands and when removing the face covering be careful not to touch your eyes, nose & mouth. Wash your hands immediately after removing so that any bugs will get swiftly dealt with by the soap.

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“We’ve made sure our face coverings are just as breathable and comfortable from the first wear to the 100th”

Frankie O’Dowd, Senior Accessories Technologist

Q: How should I wash my face covering?

Our face coverings are designed to be reusable so it’s important that they’re washed correctly. Just pop them in the washing machine as normal and wash them at 60 degrees, as advised by most Government & Standards committees. We’ve tested our face coverings to make sure they can washed at 60 degrees repeatedly without losing their shape or colour. Face coverings should be washed at a minimum of 40 degrees but it’s best to wash them at 60 degrees if you can!

Q: Lastly, any tips or tricks?

If your glasses steam up, this one’s for you! For our pleated mask, there is a little placket or opening between the two layers of fabric. Fold a piece of tissue paper or even toilet roll and slip it in the gap towards the top and there you have it! No more steamy glasses!

In the same way, you could add a few drops of your favourite essential oils onto the inside layer for a lovely fresh scent.

Thank you Frankie, we loved hearing about all the effort and care that has gone into our face coverings.

  You can find our face coverings in all their fabulous prints on our website. They come in both adult and children’s sizes and for every face covering sold, we’ll be giving £1 to NHS Charities Together, who we’ve been proudly supporting through this difficult time.

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