Bonfire Night Dressing With Brick, Dust and Glitter

21st October 2016

The wonderful fashion, lifestyle and family blogger Emily behind Brick, Dust and Glitter shows us how to dress warm and stylish this Bonfire Night.

family pose in front of log wall whilst holding a selection of sticks

Bonfire night, don’t you just love it? It is the pinnacle of the autumn season; a time when you can really enjoy being outside and fully appreciate the warmth of a good fire.

I really love bonfire night, not only have I always loved fireworks, but I just can’t wait to get out and feel the cold air being blown away by the bonfire. As a child, I remember going to lots of big bonfire parties, but these days with our two little ones we usually stay at home and it’s a case of doing something smaller so that they can take part, but also mark the occasion traditionally.

Get the family outside this Bonfire Night

For us, getting outside is a necessity and the kids don’t need much convincing to pull on their wellies and take play outdoors. Easy coats and boots that can take the rough and tumble of childhood but also be easy for them to pull on and off makes my life easier, so I don’t have the constant ‘Mum, I can’t do it’ exclamations coming my way.

Children exploring the outdoors

I have always loved the bright colours and prints of Joules wellies and our kids think they are fantastic too, perfect for pulling on and feeling a bit special in. For many years now, Joules have been producing eye-catching styles and still have the ability to reproduce prints in new colours which make you want every pair, year in, year out!

Coats for Children

Raphael and Giulietta’s coats are both really easy for them to pull on and play in – I find that so important. I am there dressing them up in all layers and as soon as they get outside they quickly take them off, but that’s what kids do. Having zips, poppers and tough and wearable outer layers, makes me not worry about them getting a bit battered as they always clean up so well! Raph and Etta’s wax style coats are totally perfect for keeping the kids warm in our prep-time and indeed event time for bonfire night.

Practical Menswear Outerwear

man holding a pile of logs and playing with son in tree

Whilst outdoors Rob, my husband is very practical so his outerwear has to be sensible. He has had Joules quilted coats and wool coats in the past, but this puffa jacket is a great addition to his wardrobe as a practical outdoor coat. I suppose in a way, everything about it oozes versatility: its length, the fact it has a hood and its overall style means that it is great to wear all day keeping you warm and dry, enabling you to move easily, which is what Rob wants. You want to be able to play with your kids, and then be able to saw, chop, build and stand by a bonfire all evening. I think that’s what most parents want: stylish, practical and versatile outerwear and finding that in a coat is the best thing you can get.

Practical Womenswear Outerwear

I much prefer a short coat for adventuring outdoors. When I know I will be doing or making something, playing with or carrying the children, you always need a good short coat that doesn’t get caught up in your legs and one that is a perfect autumnal colour makes stepping outdoors more inviting than ever. My yellow coat with fur collar is gorgeous, and teamed with some classic Joules stripes; it’s my dream outfit. Stripes, jeans and good Chelsea boots are my uniform and it’s one I love wearing, so being able to take that stylishly into the outdoors is a bonus.

woman playing with girl in front of wall of logs

For us as a family, dressing for the outdoors is a pleasure when you can do so practically and stylishly. Joules’ new season offers such a wealth of colour and classic print styles that are perfect for mixing into your wardrobe. Not only do they have comfy, well-made and fitting products, but for children and adults they are offering styles that suit so many ways of life. Whether you are living in the city and enjoy cultural walks, or have a home in the countryside and are always out on muddy walks, getting ready for the cooler weather with Joules is something that isn’t just a choice; you should make it your way of life!

Embrace the outdoors stylishly and practically this Bonfire Night.

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