A child and pet-friendly guide to Bonfire Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November – a time for celebration, making memories and embracing the autumn season for all it has to offer. But with little ones and furry friends at home, sometimes Bonfire Night can be a little scary. Here are some ideas for a Bonfire Night, or day even, without the bang…

1.Treats Aplenty

It just isn’t a proper celebration without food. Get the little ones involved in making super easy “sparklers” – that’s plain breadsticks dipped in icing and covered in sprinkles! You could even add a little popping candy for that authentic fizz. We love this tabletop Marshmallow Roasting Gift Set also. Make sure you have lots of treats to hand for pets too. Why not bake your own just to make it special?

2. Get Crafty

If your little ones love the idea of fireworks but are not so keen on the big bangs, try making some pretend ones to play with and hang around the house. A simple toilet roll tube can be transformed into a colourful rocket with a few strips of crepe paper and some sparkly sequins. or, you could use crayoons or bright chalk on black paper to make or draw fizzing fireworks and spinning Catherine wheels.

3. Keep It Cosy

Before the big bangs are due to start (usually as soon as it gets dark), make sure you’ve created a comfy, relaxing space for both pets and children. Think beanbags and lots of blankets for little ones, and your pet’s favourite bed and toys should be easily in reach. Make sure they have somewhere they can hide if they feel frightened. It’s also a good idea to keep curtains closed to keep out any bright flashes that might startle them.

4. Soothing Sounds

The best way to keep everyone calm is to play their favourite music. For children, try making a playlist of campfire songs and sing them together, or make some up yourself. For pets, did you know that there are actually podcasts for dogs that feature music designed to soothe their nerves? Apparently, dogs love listening to reggae! If you don’t have a speaker, the radio on at a low volume will help too.

5. Storytime

We all know a good story can help us feel relaxed. Find a comfy place to sit together and read or tell stories about autumn, nature and the night sky. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and tell the story of Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder plot!

Feeling ready to make this year’s Bonfire Night stress-free for everyone? Don’t forget you can shop for lots of crafty activities to keep little ones entertained from our Friends of Joules, as well as pet beds and toys to keep furry friends calm.

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