Celebrating Love Your Pet Day
with Battersea

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We all know that pets are very close to our hearts here at Joules, so we’re proud to announce our partnership with Battersea who have been the experts in rehoming animals for over 160 years.

To celebrate Love Your Pet Day, Joules will be donating 10% of sales from all the Joules pet range to Battersea until 6th March!

We paid Battersea a visit and asked them a few questions about the amazing work they do (and made some lovely four-legged friends while we were there!).

Who Is Battersea?

“Battersea will always be here for every dog and cat. Battersea takes dogs and cats in, gives them the expert care they need and finds them new homes that are just right for them. They help pet owners make informed choices, provide training advice, and campaign for changes in the law. And they help other rescue centres and charities at home and abroad because they want to be here for every dog and cat, wherever they are, for as long as they need Battersea.”


1. On average, 7 animals are rehomed a day at Battersea.
2. Battersea has three physical rescue centres in the UK located in London, Old Windsor and Kent, which have helped over 3.1 million cats and dogs.  
3. Battersea has been rehoming cats for 140 years!
4. Charles Dickens famously wrote a glowing article about Battersea which was influential in creating a positive public opinion of the charity.
5. Battersea has had many famous donors, including Queen Victoria herself!
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How was Battersea founded?

“Battersea was founded by Mary Tealby in 1860 and the charity originally only rehomed dogs. The charity then started taking in cats in 1883 and we are due to celebrate 140 years of supporting cats in April 2023. Battersea has a rich history, having famous donors and patrons such as Queen Victoria.”

How Does Battersea Find the Right Homes for their Dogs and Cats?

“We use our 160 years of rehoming experience to match potential owners with a dog or cat. When a dog or cat arrives at Battersea, we ensure to give them a tailored care plan, any medical treatment that might be required and lots of love and attention. Then, once they’re ready to find a new home, we use the knowledge we’ve built up by spending time with them to expertly match each animal to the owner that best suits their individual character. We ask people who are interested in rehoming to register with us on our website here. You will need to answer questions relating to your current living circumstances and your preferences to help match you to the perfect dog or cat. We use our extensive rehoming experience, our staff expertise and analytical tools to find the right match and will get in touch with the next steps.”

Tell us more about Battersea’s fostering programme

“Unlike many other rescues, Battersea uses fostering to give respite to those dogs and cats that may be struggling with life in our kennels/cattery or have extra medical needs. Battersea’s foster carers tend to be people who really love animals but are not in a position to have one full-time. Fostering enables people to have animals in their lives, but without the full-time commitment. Although fostering can be challenging and requires a lot of time, it is extremely rewarding to see a foster animal blossom and then go on to be successfully rehomed. If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, you can read more information about the requirements and how to apply here.”

What steps have you taken to ensure animals are healthy and happy at Battersea?

“To help with the health and wellbeing of animals, Battersea recently opened a new hydrotherapy pool which has so far provided over 660 sessions for dogs. Our world-class hydrotherapy centre is open for any dog or cat (not just those at our centres) who could benefit from the soothing properties of the water and a personalised rehabilitation programme. Much like for humans, hydrotherapy is an effective way to rehabilitate and manage orthopaedic conditions in pets. It can also alleviate many of the common pains and ailments they might experience.”

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Joules is proud to support Battersea and will be donating 10% of sales from all the Joules pet range until 6th March!

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