At Joules, we believe clothing should be built to last. We’ve always been committed to crafting responsibly sourced, hand-me-down worthy garments that, with a little care and repair, can be passed-on to family and friends. By partnering with Reskinned, we’re extending the life of the clothing we craft with care even further, finding new homes and uses for pre-loved garments.

We caught up with Matt Hanrahan, Co-Founder of Reskinned, who took a few minutes to chat to us about why pre-loved should be praised, Reskinned’s partnership with Joules, our new takeback service and resale shop and why clothing ending up in landfill should be a thing of the past.

What is the Joules Takeback Service?

“We’re offering Joules customers an easy way to trade-in pre-loved Joules clothing, footwear and accessories and get rewarded with up to £25 off your next Joules purchase*. It takes minutes to do, we pay for postage, and we guarantee to divert everything that comes through our doors away from landfill. It’s a convenient way to declutter for the whole family. The Joules Takeback Service is a win-win that makes sense for you and the planet.”

What happens to a takeback?

“If your garment is re-wearable, after ozone-cleansing and repairing if needed, we’ll find it a new home. If too past it, we’ll responsibly recycle it or repurpose it into something useful, like dog bed filler or equestrian surfaces.”

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