Decorating Eggs for Easter, with Alison Perry

decorated easter eggs craft activity for all the family this easter

Easter fun doesn’t have to be eggs-tremely stressful. Alison from Not Another Mummy Blog shows us how to decorate eggs with ease…

One of my favourite things about Easter, as a kid, was decorating eggs (oh OK, I admit it, and eating chocolate ones). My mum would hard-boil a few and I’d sit there with paints and brushes, trying to make each one better than the last.

Now, as a mum myself, I’m keen to do the same with my six-year-old daughter. However, I’m a big fan of doing things the faff-free way. Whether it’s cooking, crafting or something else, if there’s an easy way, I’m all for it. Here’s how we decorate eggs in our house…

What you need:

Eggs (I used white hen eggs as the colour comes out better than on brown eggs.)

Food colouring


Jam jars


Marker pens

Blogger Alison Perry and her daughter show how to make colour easter eggs this easter

Step 1: Dye the Eggs

Hard-boil your eggs. Take a jam jar and put 230ml of boiling water, 1 tsp of vinegar and 20 drops of food colouring in it. Give it a mix, then using the tongs, place one hard boiled egg into the jar. Leave for five minutes, or longer if you want a deeper colour. Repeat this with different colours in different jars. Remember to rinse the tongs in between jars to avoid colours from mixing.

Blogger Alison Perry and her daughter show how to make colour easter eggs this easter. Eggs on dog printed plates

Step 2: Allow eggs to dry

I popped the eggs onto a wire rack with kitchen roll underneath to catch any colourful drips.

decorate the dyed eggs with pens

Step 3: Decorate

After 20 minutes or so, the eggs should be dry. Take your marker pens and draw a design onto each egg. Done!

decorated bright eggs for easter

It’s a really easy way to make colourful eggs – and once they’re dyed, kids can join in with the drawing part. My six-year-old took over an hour to carefully draw designs on her eggs, and has already asked when we can make some more! I call that a cracking good afternoon.

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