Easy Outdoor Adventures for Half-Term

Half-term is here again, and with it comes a whole week filled with potential for adventure. But does the thought of wading through the throngs of people at a theme park or spending the day at soft play fill you with panic? Don’t worry. We’ve pulled together our favourite ideas for easy half-term adventures that are not only free, but will keep your little ones entertained and inspired all week long. Go on, get your wellies on. We’re going outside.

Go geocaching

This outdoor treasure-hunting game is a great way to get your little ones moving and exploring the great outdoors. Using an app on your smartphone, you can find hidden caches, which are small containers that have been hidden by other geocachers. You’d be surprised how many there are around the country – there may even be one hidden right by you now! Once you’ve found the cache, there’s usually something to write down your name and the date, and sometimes even a little treasure! Remember though, if you take away some treasure always bring something to put in the container for the next person to find.

Plan a “yes” day

This is a day where the children get to plan and make all the decisions. Encourage them to think of their favourite activities, and then spend the day doing what they choose. It’s a great opportunity for them to take the lead and have control, while also teaching them the importance of decision-making and responsibility. Don’t forget to set some rules beforehand (like a price and distance limit, or you could have chaos on your hands!)

Go on a colour hunt

Looking for a way to add a bit more excitement to your walk in the woods? Before you embark upon your stroll, give your children a list of different colours and encourage them to find objects that match those colours along the way. When you get home, you can turn all the colourful treasures you found into a pretty collage. You might think this sounds like an idea for only the littlest adventurers, but you’d be surprised how fun this activity can be at any age!

Feed the ducks

Paying a visit to your local park and feeding the ducks is an activity that never gets old. Bring along some birdseed (no bread, please! This can make the ducks poorly), and spend some time quality time together watching these winged wonders enjoy their feast. This is a great opportunity for children to learn about different species of birds and appreciate nature too.

Make a hedgehog house

Creating a hedgehog house is a fun and easy DIY project that little ones will love. Using materials like cardboard boxes, sticks, and leaves, children can create a safe and cosy home for hedgehogs. This activity will not only provide a fun afternoon, but it will also help children understand the importance of looking after our precious wildlife.

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