My Dad

6th June 2016

The guardian of the shed, and all it contains, purveyor of the finest dance moves, chief body for getting the lid off any jar and the one that has perfected the knack of making it (whatever ‘it’ may be) all alright again.   Our dads are one of the bedrocks of our lives, so in advance of Father’s Day we asked members of the Joules team to tell us what makes their dad one in a million.

Amber, Marketing Coordinator on her stepdad Nick

Something funny:  My stepdad used to put tea lights in our shoes when we were younger so we would be tall enough to ride the rollercoasters at theme parks. He also used to serve us his specialty “Camouflage Peas” for dinner which were just peas that he’d burnt because he couldn’t cook.

Something cringey:  He came third in a “Worst Dad Dancing” competition.  His signature move “The Lawnmower” won my sister a Britney Spears CD.

Something sentimental: He’s always treated me and my brother like we were his own. It takes a lot to step in and be that father figure for someone else’s kids and he’s done a cracking job of it.

Liz, Head of Graphics on her dad Robert

My dad had a heart attack. Drove himself to hospital and didn’t tell me or my mum for 48 hours because we were away together on a hen-party in Marbella and he didn’t want to worry us! Ridiculous man.

Charlotte, Campaign Coordinator on her dad Simon

My Dad used to keep me entertained for hours by making both of his feet talk to each other… one was grumpy foot, the other one happy foot.  It’s the little things in life!

Rosie, PR and Events Manager on her dad Garry

My hero dad is the go-to-guy for anything I can’t do, or when I need someone to do something with me #bestie. When I don’t want to do a triathlon on my own, he’s the one that gets roped in, despite not being a triathlete or athletic anymore! When we’re short one person for a relay team triathlon, who gets drafted in to take on the bike ride?  Yep that’s dad. Poor bloke.

Sophie, Print Designer on her dad Jonathan

When I was little he made me amazing little wooden characters out of firewood for a toy roundabout on holiday (the people characters were missing).  He also made me an amazing toy frog out of fabric and lentils and helped me make all the clothes.  As an adult we often go on days out together and he always accidentally takes me 50 miles north of the location, we always get to the place just in time for closing, it’s a running family joke.

Amy, Product Marketing Planner on her dad Mick (AKA Tubs)

My dad’s nickname is Tubs and he’s famous in our family for his ‘labour-saving’ inventions which we call Tub’s Tools.  These have ranged from the back-door-keeperer-opener, the garden bench leveller, the garage roof storage solution, the casserole lid fixer, and my favourite; the magnet glasses holder necklace he fashioned to keep his glasses about his person when he’s not wearing them.

Laura, Marketing Manager on her dad Stephen

My Dad has always worked away during the week and my favourite night would be either a Thursday or Friday when he was returning for the weekend. He would reliably bring back a slab of millionaire’s shortbread for each of us all to sweeten his absence, this would signal the start of the weekend. His favourite things are his family, cycling, supporting his beloved Everton FC and good food and drink. His devotion to his family has taught me unconditional love, loyalty and kindness, his passion for sport has instilled a sense of sportsmanship in me and his appreciation of fine food and drink has made me a little chubby! He will always be my go-to person for advice and he will forever be my hero.

Carl, Copywriter on his dad Stefan

One glorious summer’s evening my Mum went to the gym and left my Dad and I (and possibly a brother or two. I can’t remember if either had been born) alone.  Much to my/our excitement (and later my Mum’s annoyance) my Dad thought it would be a good idea – on this glorious summer’s evening – to get out and put up all of the Christmas decorations.  I’ve never forgotten this and see it as one of the fundamental reasons why I take great pleasure in the stupid today.

Here’s to all our wonderfully unique dads this Father’s Day.  Whatever you’ve got planned make sure it involves spoiling yours rotten.

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