5 Fun Baby Shower Games

If you’re planning a baby shower then you’ll be needing some games to play! We’ve rounded up our top five games to play at a baby shower to help get the party started.

Baby showers have crashed onto our shores from the US with a vengeance. Love them or loathe them they’re definitely here to stay, so you may as well grab a nappy and join in the fun. There are a great many baby shower ideas that are designed to get everyone involved, regardless of age, and many can be organised without being too time consuming.

A good baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate the impending birth of the baby as well as being an enjoyable sociable event for the mum-to-be before the baby, and all the ensuing chaos, arrives. (It’s also a fantastic chance to share advice, tips and information). So grab that cup of tea and read on for our list of  baby shower games and activities that are sure to go down well with your guests.

Our Top Five Baby Shower Games

1. Don’t Say ‘Baby’

When your guests arrive give them five safety pins to pin onto their clothes and strict instructions to not say the word ‘baby’. If any guests hear another guest say the B word they get to take one of their pins off them. The person with the most pins at the end of the party is the winner.

2. Guess the baby photo

Encourage your guests to dust down their photo albums before the party and provide you with their cutest (or better still, funniest) baby photo. Pass them around for a game of who’s who.

3. The Nappy Changing Challenge

Blindfold each guest and have a competition to see who can change a nappy on a doll the fastest. You could always add prizes into the mix for whoever manages to change the nappy quickest.

4. Guess the Baby Food

Collect several pots of baby food and remove the labels. Get everyone to taste the contents and see who can guess the food correctly. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

5. The Name Game

Get your guests to be creative with their best choices of names for boys and girls. Get them to write them all down, pop them in a jar and let the mum-to-be read them out. We’re not sure that any of the party names will make it onto the birth certificate but the mum-to-be can choose her favourites to mark a winner.

Have you got anymore baby shower game ideas? For the perfect baby shower gifts, be sure to check out our favourites.

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