Free Woodland Walk Activity Printables,

With The Woodland Trust

We’re helping our like-minded friends at the Woodland Trust raise awareness of the importance of protecting and creating woodland, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Are you ready to explore your local woodland? The Woodland Trust has provided us with nine amazing activity printables, so the whole family can enjoy the outdoors without spending a single penny!  Simply hit print, lace up, get your detective hats on and head for the forest…

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, with supporters across the country campaigning to ensure wildlife is kept alive and woodlands are kept beautiful for everyone to enjoy – now and in years to come.  Whenever you are in the UK you are certain to be closer to a Woodland Trust wood than you think, with over 1,000 sites. Find your nearest using our interactive map here, before scrolling down to download fun activities.

1. Autumn Colour Bingo Printable

Autumn is full of colours, with the warm tones of the falling leaves changing from green to yellow to red to brown and colourful nature all around. Get outdoors and encourage a little friendly family competition, by seeing how many see how many shades you can spot with this fun bingo card.

2. Astounding Autumn Printable

Autumn is truly astounding, with so many different natural sights to spot.  From owls, mushrooms and Ivy to butterflies, bees and bugs.  Make sure your eyes are peeled and you’re super still to discover the wonders of the natural world this season.

3. Twig ID Printable

As the leaves start to fall out come the many twigs as you travel through the woods.  We have 18 different types of twigs for you find – who knew there were so many?  Time to get twiggy with it!

4. Twig Shape Discovery Printable

Broaden your twig knowledge and add to the twig ID mission by looking at whether the twigs are smooth, rough or straight.  This one is great for encouraging little eyes to look closer at nature’s detail.

5. Fantastic Fruits and Seeds Spotting Printable

With autumn comes plenty of berries, nuts and seeds, but how many can you find? From hazelnuts to acorns, there are so many to see.  Just be careful not to eat anything you are unsure of, however tempting it may be.

6. Autumn Leaves Printable

With each tree comes a different leaf, in all shapes and sizes and multiple different colours.  Red leaves can be caused by sunny, dry days and cold nights, whereas yellow leaves can be caused by cloudy and rainy days.  How many will you see on your walk?

7. Hedgerow Hunting Printable

The hedgerows are a world of their own and you never know what you will find.  Perhaps a bee, some berries or a web, which if you follow it leads to its creator, the spider.  Prepare for the unexpected…

8. Minibeast Hunting Printable

Get some wellies on and head out into the mud on a hunt. Try not to squish the slugs and look out for the different spotted ladybirds.

9. Touchy Feely Printable

Time to get hands-on with nature and make your touch senses come alive.  From the feeling of the rough bark and the spongy moss to the crunchy twigs beneath your feet, there’s so much sensory fun to be had in the woods.

Feeling inspired to take to the trees? Simply share a picture of you, your family or your friends (even your dog) having a wander through the woods or enjoying the countryside and you could be in with the chance of winning a £200 Virgin Experience Days gift card.  Upload and share your photo by using #JoulesXWoodlandTrust on Instagram or Twitter to enter. We can’t wait to see your adventures!

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