Garden Adventurers: How to Take Playtime Outdoors

Can you remember the feeling of joy you experienced when you went on an outdoor adventure as a child? The garden acted as a blank canvas for epic adventures of imagination that made the summer holidays seem endless. The elements themselves seemed to add to the excitement. Bright sunshine inspired games set in exotic climes, a howling wind added drama, and even rain was a trial to be endured stoically by the imaginary childhood hero you were pretending to be.

Flash forward to nowadays, and it’s hard to peel the children away from the screens to get them outdoors. But we believe that it is possible to let your little ones discover what wonders await them in their back garden, and awaken their imaginations to the adventures out there.

With the help of our Friends of Joules, we’ve put together three ways to get your little ones excited about the outdoors again, and learn a thing or two along the way…

1. Get Growing

Getting your children involved in the gardening is a great way to get them excited about nature, and you’ll have some little helpers too when it comes to getting the flower beds ready for the new season! Our Friends of Joules seller Kenneth & Kenneth create fun and thoughtful gardening gift sets that make planting a doddle, and even include kits to encourage bugs and wildlife into the garden. Each kit comes with seeds, tools, and everything you need to get stuck in. They’ll love being able to get messy in the mud, and the added promise of creepy crawlies is sure to get their enthusiasm going.

2. Sew a Mini Meadow

If getting muddy isn’t their thing (or yours!), our friends at Seedball create mess-free little seed bombs that make growing wildflowers easier than ever. They make all of the Seedballs themselves here in the UK using locally sourced seeds, peat-free compost, clay and chilli powder. The clay and compost create a protective casting for the seeds, from birds and insects-whilst the chilli deters the slugs and snails. All you have to do is scatter the seed balls onto soil, water them, and let nature do its thing!

3. Build a Den

Nothing can quite describe the excitement of building your very own den — a secret space to call your own, where imagination runs wild and grown-ups aren’t allowed! The Den Kit Company started life as a celebration of children’s ingenuity, innovation and creativity, with a shared belief that children are at their best when enabled to play outdoors. Their fantastic den kits give you everything you need to create a hideaway — there’s even a pirate themed one for your little buccaneers!

Want to discover even more fun and games for your little ones? Our Friends of Joules Children’s collections features beautifully crafted toys, stationery and educational kits that will keep them occupied all day long.

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