Get into the Festive Spirit

Christmas is the time for gathering together and celebrating family, friendship and the season. There really is no better way to do so than raising a glass of cheer – something seasonal and special to warm the cockles. Here are some of our favourite winter cocktails. Just add some thirsty guests.

illustrations of festive cocktail making

How To Make A Ginger Bellini

This is a truly simple cocktail to make, only two ingredients but none the less festive for it.

illustration of ginger bellini cocktail

Serves 1


I measure ginger liqueur


Champagne saucer or flute


Pour a measure of ginger liqueur into the glass

Top up with Prosecco

How To Make A Bourbon Sour

Made with bourbon, orange and maple syrup this is a real winter warmer and a twist on a traditional whisky sour.

illustration of bourbon sour cocktail

Serves 1


1 measure bourbon

1 tbsp each of lemon and orange juice

Half tbsp maple syrup

Slice of orange to garnish

Crushed ice

Cocktail shaker

Whisky tumbler


Add the bourbon, maple syrup, lemon and orange juice to a cocktail shaker and give it a good shake

Strain over crushed ice

How To Make A Cranberry Crush

Refreshing and super-easy to make (and drink.) Cheers!

illustration of cranberry crush cocktail

Serves 1


1 measure vodka

1 measure Cointreau

Cranberry and orange juice

Twist of lime peel

Frozen cranberries

Crushed ice

Martini glass


Pour the vodka and Cointreau over crushed ice

Top up with cranberry and orange juice

Garnish with a couple of frozen cranberries and a twist of lime peel

What’s your favourite festive beverage?

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