Get Your Garden Spring-Ready, with Friends of Joules

Spring is a time for us to rediscover our love for the garden, and make the most of what nature has to offer us only a few steps from our back door. But is your garden looking a little worse for wear after a season of snow, wind and rain? Friends of Joules, our marketplace for a contemporary country lifestyle, are on-hand to help with everything you need to get your garden looking fresh as a daisy and ready for plenty of family time in the sun (it’s coming, we promise!).

1. Let it grow

The very first step of getting your garden ready for spring is to fill it with beautiful seasonal blooms — but you’ll need to do a bit of spring cleaning first! Have a look through the flowerbeds and remove any seasonal plants that have died, and prune any woody perennial plants by cutting back branches down to the ground. This will encourage them to start growing new flowering branches. You might notice weeds have started cropping up again, and these will need to be plucked away before they get a hold of any of your spring plants.

Next comes the fun bit — it’s time to get planting. Crocuses, hyacinths and of course bright yellow daffodils are a great choice for early spring, and add so much colour to your garden. Adding new decorative pots to your garden is also a great way of refreshing its look after a cold winter. Our Friends of Joules seller Garden Trading has a great selection of planters and pots to make your garden picture-perfect, and suit any style. Our top tip? A window planter makes a refreshing impression to your home that you can enjoy when you’re indoors and out.

2. Patio perfection

Now your plants are looking pretty, its time to do a little prep for those days you’ll spend sitting out admiring the view. Sweep the patio and make way for a fresh landscape you’ll love looking out onto every morning. If you have a jet washer, give the paving stones a good blast to give them a new lease of life.

Is that old bistro set getting a little rusty? Garden Trading also has an impressive range of classic and stylish outdoor furniture, perfect for reading a book in the shade or enjoying a glass of wine at sunset. From seating sets for two to sofas for the whole family, and even bean bag chairs for those lazy afternoons! Think about lighting too — evenings spent in the garden are just that little bit more magical with some glowing festoon lights, or lanterns dotted about.

3. Wine and dine

Did we mention wine? Yes, an evening relaxing in the garden is all the more blissful with a glass of your favourite tipple. Make it special by trying out a new cocktail recipe, like this Blueberry and Thyme Gin and Tonic, served with Pear and Blue Cheese Crostini. We’re also giving you permission to use your prettiest glassware for this — who cares if it’s just you using it? Take a look at these gorgeous glasses from Primrose and Plum.

Don’t forget to have an easy set-up for serving your drinks — perching glasses on windowsills is not the best idea! Friends of Joules seller Outside Gang has created the perfect companion for sipping in the sun: their seriously cool cooler tables are both functional and fabulous to look at. Just fill with ice and keep your drinks chilled for hours. Thinking of making that G&T? They also transform into a chopping board for your choice of garnish.

4. Fun for little ones

Don’t forget about the little tykes! There are so many adventures to be had in the garden, and it’s a place where they, and their imaginations, truly can run wild. Have a go at these fun garden activities to reconnect them with their love of nature, or you can help them set up a nest box and learn about our wonderful garden birds.

If you’d like to set up a zone in the garden for the little ones to play, Friends of Joules seller Win Green crafts beautifully hand-embroidered play tents and accessories that transform your garden into a pirate ship, theatre, beach house, toy shop or pavilion! For those that are a little more into the DIY approach, The Den Kit Company makes child-friendly kits that contain everything you need to make your own den.

Want to discover even more fabulous things for your home and garden? Friends of Joules has a huge selection of homeware and garden accessories to transform your living space for spring.

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