Gift List: Stocking Fillers For Under £20

Want some bright ideas to help make Christmas morning a magical one? Check out our stocking-sized gift list for children big and small, all for under £20. Not your everyday presents; these are stylish, great fun, and worthy of prime position underneath your Christmas tree. No doubt the little ones in your life will have put their main orders in with Santa already, so the stocking is the place to put those fun little extras you know will make them smile.

1. Spectacular Stationery

2. Novelty Knits

3. Monstrous Slippers

4. Applique Purse

5. Cheeky Woopee Cushion

6. Beautiful Bows

7. Bath Time Fun

8. Snappy Gloves

9. For Little Hooves

Stocking filler tips >

Interactive Gifts

Include a fun interactive present such as our whoopee cushion or character slippers, and keep the children entertained while the grown ups prepare the dinner and mulled wine!

Something For School

Stocking fillers needn’t be throwaway presents; a character purse, a fun pencil case or some pretty hair accessories will be appreciated when Christmas is over and the new term starts.

Fun Essentials

If your little one is prone to neglecting their knits, treat them to a bright novelty hat or some of our animal gloves. Practical can be fun too!

Don’t Forget Christmas Pyjamas…

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